Christmas in Prison

Merry Xmas 2014! A big thank you for your support and for supporting my prison friends. I hope to publish the life story of Two Tonys in 2015, a Mafia associate who protected me in prison. Here's my last Xmas conversation with Two Tonys in prison:
Two Tonys taught me to appreciate life and the small things:

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Shaun Attwood


MissyH said...

Just saw your story on Locked Up Aboad! I couldn't believe how bad it was in there. Right here in USA! Way to go on getting the truth out. Glad your story ended with a happy ending.

Unknown said...

It must be hard for people who in prison to spend Christmas without their families. I hope they are able to call their families during the holiday season. I would think talking to family on the phone would help the prisoners feel better about themselves.

Eliseo Weinstein said...

This must be a hard time to be away from the family! I don't think I would be able to handle being in jail over the holidays and away from my wife and kids! Great job getting the word out there on what it's really like. Hard to ever imagine the realities of jail and being away from loved ones.