Today I was delighted to wake up to this email from a guy who credits reading Hard Time for helping him recover from drugs: 

Hi Shaun, 
I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you. I was in a pretty dark place with drugs a few years ago and u came to visit my girlfriends school in bath. She got a signed book from u and have it to me for my birthday (she didn't quite know the extent of the hole I was in, I'd all but shut her out my life to keep her from it). I read hard time and it changed my life. Your books were the help I was too scared to ask anyone else for. I am terrified to even think we're I would be without u. What ur doing is amazing and u are the strongest man I know Shaun. I gave the book to my friends who were in the same situation as me and nearly all of them have pulled through and we are now doing absolutely brilliantly. 
So once again thank you, I will never be able to say it enough. 
Shaun xx

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Shaun Attwood

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Unknown said...

It's good to know that you can actually make a difference.