From T-Bone (Letter 37)

T-Bone is a massively-built spiritual ex-Marine, who uses fighting skills to stop prison rape. T-Bone’s latest letter:

Brother Shaun, I really appreciate the Christmas money you and your blog readers sent that is enabling me to eat. Thank you to everyone for their help and kindness. I know that it’s godsent.

A young white man in here was hungry. He didn’t have anything to eat, so he asked a black guy if he could clean his cell for something to eat. All hell broke loose. Some white gang members jumped the young guy. He’s walking around with black eyes, all because he tried to scrape some money together to get something to eat.

I gave him some food. He has people on the streets who will send him money. I hate that he got jumped because he had no food, and he wanted to clean a guy’s cell who is black. It is so sad.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio feeds the people here worse than they do at Gitmo, where they at least get fresh food three times a day. I’ve tried to figure out Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Does he get off on pain and suffering, causing people to fight for food and just being mean and nasty?

There has been fights all over the place, mostly over food or drug debts or a racial issue of some kind. In court, people are signing their lives away, just so they can get out of here and into the prison system.

A gang banger in here with me is making unnecessary noise, so I’ll talk to you later, if you know what I mean.

Peace in 2015!


My book Prison Time includes how I met T-Bone

Shaun Attwood    


Anonymous said...

Hi T-Bone,
Happy New Year! I wanted to write to you last night, but I became too drunk to write to you. :) While I very much sympathize with inmates, I don't believe in, "the convict code", including the racist ideology that it harbors. I've calculated that if I ever went to prison, I'd probably last about an hour, give or take a few minutes. However, I'm sure that all of my fellow inmates would comment reverently, "Although he was only with us for a very short time, that was indeed a thoroughly enlightening and entertaining spectacle..." I identify with the young white guy who wanted food, and offered to tidy up the black guy's cell in exchange for food. The young white guy should say to the guys who beat him up, "Excuse me, 'my fellow brothers', but wouldn't it have been a lot easier for all involved to have just given me some food, which is all I wanted in the first place, rather than having to go to the trouble of beating me up? Is this how you show me how much you care?! By giving me two black eyes?!"...Like I said, I figure I'd last about an hour in prison... :) T-Bone, don't try to play God, but do serve God. May God bless you, Marine. :)
- Drunken Azar

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