From T-Bone (Letter 42)

T-Bone is a massively-built spiritual ex-Marine, who uses fighting skills to stop prison rape. T-Bone’s latest letter:

Here in supermax, some of the guards are decent people. They walk around with face shields because there are guys who throw human waste on them and each other, and some guys spit on them. This place is full of cell warriors, guys who talk and scream and yell at each other from their cells, which we are never allowed out of except to take showers.

There are times when the smells are nothing but human excrement from the open waste pond. It lasts for hours. The opposite of that stink is the smell of the officers food nuked in the microwave. Compared to the food they feed us, the smell of real food makes my mouth water and guys start asking the guards for some of whatever smells so good.

Cockroaches are everywhere. They come out night and day. They get into all of our stuff everything.

Supermax is tough, but Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s jail is a much bleaker place. I thought things would be smoother after the jail, but I ended up at Alhambra Unit – where Arizona Department of Corrections determine your custody level – in a cell with a crazy guy. He wouldn’t sit still or leave the guards alone, making comments about female officers. He was always yelling at people outside the cell, trying to make himself out to be tough, but it was all an act.

Some guys at Alhambra Unit were so scared senseless of prison and wanted to be protected that they said they were gay or started acting gay, so they wouldn’t go to the general population. There was so much fear and hate. People were lost in a sea of discouragement. There was nothing but sitting and waiting as we were being tested and watched.

Shaun Attwood  

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Anonymous said...

Hi T-Bone,
I was sorry to hear that you were given such a long sentence. "Supermax", sounds interesting. If there's a danger of a fellow inmate throwing human waste at you, you should consider coming up with your own version of a face shield... :) I have come to the conclusion that all human beings live in a very sick world society in general. And yes, I do believe that our societies are responsible for turning people into criminals. Society may not want to accept that, but I believe it's true. I honestly do believe that we were all born "innocent". Still, I believe that there's an equal amount of good in all human societies. I'm honestly sorry to hear about your food situation. T-Bone, you've got to be your own savior. I definitely do believe in God and prayer. But I also believe that God helps those, who help themselves. No matter what anyone tells you, your future always lies in your own hands. Stay strong, Marine. The most important question in life is whether God exists or not...Take care bro. May God bless you.
- Azar