Making a Murderer Update 2 - Letter from Brendan Dassey

To the people in the world,
This is Brendan Dassey. I am writing to let you know that me and my uncle Steven are innocent. The investigators tormented me until I said what they wanted me to say. They used me to get to my uncle because they knew that if I testified at his trial they would have found him innocent because I would have told the real truth about what happened that day. The investigators got into my head saying that if I confessed to the crime, they would let me go and when I did they locked me up.

They tricked me. The investigators lied through their teeth on the stand. I was afraid of them back then. If I would get a new trial the truth would come out because I am not afraid of them anymore. They ruined me and my families lives. I missed so much in my life already. It's been almost 10 years since I've been taken away from my family.

The prosecutors don't care what they do. They just want a conviction. They don't care if the person is innocent. As longs as they get someone to put them away even if it's the wrong people.

If my story would get out everybody in the world would know that Steven Avery and myself are two innocent people. But with me being inside this place they do not let me talk to anybody to get the truth out.

Sincerely yours,
True and innocent,
Brendan Dassey

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Dani Kekoa said...

TRUE STORY: Almost Avery—Why Steven Avery (AND BRENDAN DASSEY) deserves a new trial—by Timothy Charles Holmseth

I am only one of thousands across the United States that was almost “Steven Avery”.

I survived a plot by a ‘Shadow Government’ that attempted to frame me for rape and murder of a missing child named HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings.

I would later learn the operatives that attempted to frame me were associated with a man from Colorado named Rev. Bob Enyart.

Enyart is described as a “shot caller” of organized criminal activities by Special Agent Kimberly Milka, Denver FBI.

Enyart authored a written Manifesto describing the “Shadow Government” he erected, which he plans to use to subvert the laws of the United States.

Enyart’s is alleged by former church members to be a satanic cult leader that is responsible for murders and elaborate frame-ups all over the world...


Dani Kekoa said...

BREAKING NEWS: Steven Avery murder case a ‘Shadow Government’ operation—by Timothy Charles Holmseth | *NEW EVIDENCE SUGGESTS STEVEN AVERY & BRENDAN DASSEY WERE FRAMED!

Dani Kekoa said...


Naomi Hefter said...

Ive just finished watching Making a Murderer and the story really upset me. Brendan is so clearly innocent and manipulated by those disgusting police. You can see it in his eyes.
I want to write to him to let him know im thinking of him and i hope he gets home to his mum soon.

Unknown said...

Heart breaking

Unknown said...

Anyone who has even the slightest ability of reading ppl's non verbal cues would easily see that poor young, somewhat slow(sry) child was only guessing what he needed to say to go home, for Christ sake he was so naive he asked about his 1:29 test back at school after admitting to helping murder/rape

Anonymous said...

"me and my uncle Steven are innocent."

Gee Brendan, how would you have any knowledge about Steven's guilt one way or the other? (Unless of course you know he did it because you were there.)

This letter reeks of guilt. I feel sorry for the kid because whatever involvement he had, he never would have done it had he not been coerced by his murderous uncle.

Anonymous said... say this.. denying all of the evidence in the contrary. they both deserve a new trial. i’m not saying they should be freed immediately, it’s not up to me to say whether their innocent or guilty despite what i believe, but they deserve a new trial at least and it’s awful and suspicious that they won’t be granted that.