Making A Murderer

Yesterday, I finished watching Making a Murderer, a true-crime documentary series that put me through so much emotional turmoil that my blood pressure is still high. I saw two innocent men get framed by the police, who went so far as to plant DNA evidence and to coerce a mentally-challenged teenager into giving false testimony about horrific crimes that he had not committed. If you’re interested in how the US justice system really works, this documentary will blow your mind and rip your heart out. Trailer and episode 1 are below:

Write to Steven Avery at:

Steven Avery DOC #00122987
Waupun Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 351
Waupun, WI 53963-0351
Phone: 920-324-5571

Rules for sending mail, money and property.

Write to Brendan Dassey at:

Brendan Dassey DOC #00516985
P.O. Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307-9033
Phone: 920-432-4877

Rules for sending mail and money to Brendan.

If you are worried about the prison "losing" the mail, you can send your letters to Al and Dolores (Steven's parents) or Barbara Tadych (Brendan's mum) at:

Avery's Auto Salvage
12930 Avery Rd.
Two Rivers Wi. 54241


The family will relay messages sent via letters back to them when Steven and Brendan call home. They appreciate all of the help and support they are receiving.

Click here for Update 3  - Response From Innocence Project

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Anonymous said...

Keep making noise. They need a new trial in front of a new judge!!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the documentary and I couldn't believe the things I was seeing. What a scary country the USA and what a terrible system! Thanks for the contact info, I'm going to start to write to them both.. they need our support.

Unknown said...

Unbelievable these two got nailed because of those cops, let these people go.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see others as disturbed by this as much as I was... Does anyone know if there ever was any testimony about Brendon taking the phone call from his mother's boss? Wouldn't thatncorroborate his timeline and destroy the police timeline involving him in the crime?

Shelling0ut said...

Yes the phone call was mentioned, but corrupt Katz seemed to change an hour in the timeline of everyone's testimony, this came from Tadych and Dassey who were each other's alibi..Even stranger was Kratz changed Kipperers wife timeline too as she met her in the garden...Teresa was also seen taking a photo of a rental property after leaving Avery, witness thought it was a cow she photographed. Could she have been wanting to move away from the ex Hillegas, he seemed infatuated with her and always going around the house unexpectedly, but he didn't report her missing.

Anonymous said...

What a terribly corrupt police sysyem, I just cannot believe they got away with this! Stay strong and keep on fighting, these guys are clearly innocent!! It broke my heart to see how two totally innocent individuals can have their lives and freedom taken away so easily. I pray for justice and their freedom. God bless these innocent people.

Anonymous said...

I just watched this series.. I am soo emotional and that isn't often at all...i am saddened that people are soo ignorant that this is even possible! Common sense is obviously needed to understand these men are innocent! At most a validation of innocence for brendan i feel soo deeply for him! Plz these men! I wish i could do something anything to help..i have little faith and this defiantly doesnt help screw these damn cops god!! Well karma will hopefully come through if anything. Also i feel just as deeply for Teresa and her family as they have had a horrible loss and unfortunately haven't had REAL justice! Bless all of you and may the truth be revealed very soon!!