From T-Bone (Letter 51)

T-Bone is a massively-built spiritual ex-Marine, who uses fighting skills to stop prison rape. T-Bone’s latest letter from Arizona prison:

Putting your hands on a guard is never a good idea. There is one guard here who is a strong and skilled young man, who’s had a lot of training in how to fight. The Native Americans have a problem with him, so they sent four guys at him, and he whooped their butts.

So last week, they sent two guys at him on the North Yard, and he whooped their butts, too. On Tuesday, they sent another two at him, and the same thing happened.

Now we’re all on lockdown because of these attacks on a guard. Those wannabe tough guys have ruined it for everyone by breaking the old rule: don’t put your hands on a guard. Everyone knows you don’t do that.

This place is ruled by hate and drugs. Spice is causing all kinds of medical issues. People black out and go stiff. They call ICS’s [emergency lockdowns] all the time because of spice. The guards don’t do anything except for try to stay out of the way.

Other than that, everything is the same ol’ same o’: people hating one another because of their skin colors, and the so-called gang leaders who want to abuse men who want to try and change for the better or just fit in. 

Shaun Attwood  

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