From T-Bone (Letter 56)

T-Bone is a massively-built spiritual ex-Marine, who uses fighting skills to stop prison rape. T-Bone’s latest letter from Arizona prison:

One minute everybody’s cool, and in the next this place goes absolutely crazy. It’s so hard to just sit back and not get involved in things that shouldn’t go on.

This one lowlife was trying to have his way with his cellie [cellmate] by systematically putting his hands on his butt, grabbing his penis and saying he’s only playing with him. Then at night, he said certain things that have to do with him having sex.

So the little guy and I mean little as in 5’2” and 125 lbs came to me. Why? I believe because God sent him. His cellie is this little black guy who’s about 5’6” and 185 lbs who thinks he’s a super badass.

I just can’t stand bullies of any sort. It really pisses me off when people prey on the weak because they can. I sat at a table, called the guy over and had a kind of positive discussion with him.

He got defensive and that night he was sharpening a piece of metal his cellie told me at daybreak. When we went to chow at the mess hall, the dude cut the line in front of me, trying to get me to react to his little game. Ha ha!

I just stepped back and slapped him upside the head, grabbed his right hand and took his weapon. He was shocked because he had no offence or defence. I grabbed him by the throat and simply told him to leave the yard.

That day, the guards called him and his cellie to the yard office because they got word of his behaviour and they moved him.

No one likes a bully rapist!

I now have to deal with a guy who has a drug problem and this sicko wants him to pay in a sex act.

So you can see things are still the same here. It gets cool for a while, and when new people come or guys get bored from nothing to do because of a mind-set that is already flawed, they do what’s been instilled into their hearts and minds.

So pray for me, for God to give me the strength to do the right thing.

L&R from Arizona to the T-Bone Appreciation Society

Shaun Attwood  

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