From T-Bone (Letter 59)

T-Bone is a massively-built spiritual ex-Marine, who uses fighting skills to stop prison rape. T-Bone’s latest letter from Arizona prison:

The guards busted this guy today with a phone and some black-tar heroin. He tried to fight back but! Some of the guys are falling out or going into episodes from smoking spice, and it’s crazy when you see it. It’s like something from the state hospital. They piss on themselves, they fight the air, they go limp, they jump off stairs, they see and hear things. That stuff is poison from China! Man, it is crazy. I mean crazy.

Like I said in the last letter, the cops put a gun to my head and called me a nigger by saying, “Go ahead, nigger. I’ll blow your head off. Just move. Go ahead move!”
They made me lay down in my dog’s shit for no reason other than the fact that I am a big black man.

I watched a cop pick up this this little Native American, and throw him down on his head. When his head hit the concrete it sounded as if the gun had been fired. That’s how loud it was. The cop just stood there and laughed with his buddies and waited for about 15 minutes before calling the E.M.T’s.

I know you’re asking yourself why they didn’t kill me. Well, there were too many people watching, including my kids.

I am in here with people who have done some crazy crazy things. This guy killed his mother, and stuffed her in a deep freeze. There are two guys who took a little kid to play cowboy and Indians and shot him dead. He was dressed up in his cowboy outfit and he was only 5 years old! But even those kinds of people need justice.

These people running this corrupt system have no honor at all. They play games to get money from the feds and then call us animals.

There was a guy who punched his so called best friend in here because he wanted his milk. He sucker punched him and the guy’s head bounced off the floor. The cops sprayed everyone with that nasty juice, and I couldn’t breathe.

When that asshole came back, man, did I check him because that was a cold thing to do. He said he wanted to catch a fade (a fight). I took him in my cell and smacked him around a little bit.

The guards went into his cell and found a bag of hooch. At count time today, when we came out, the hooch was poured all over the sidewalk. He went into his cell late, and whenever you do, they shake you down! I laughed when I found out because he deserved that and even more! He is still here though. Go figure that?

There is a lot of drugs as usual and the same drama that goes with it. People keep coming to me and asking me for help, but I won’t pay anyone’s bills ever again unless its life or death or because I feel it in my spirit and that only comes from God.

I badly want out of here. There are times when it’s heavy on my mind and I long for some simple things like eating fish and chips with Shaun in merry ol’ England, cooking on a grill…

Please remember that I didn’t do any of things they said I did. I am innocent. Well, as I sit here in this place, I find myself looking for justice. Please let the whole world know that I am in here with no corroborating evidence at all! I know that’s a tall order, but please do so because the more I find out, the more it hurts. These people call themselves defenders of the law, and all they do is LIE and circumvent the law to fit their own ends. Why? Because I am black and because they have no Honor! I need the whole world to know what they have done to me!

Strength + Honor
Steel Embrace

Each one – Teach one

Shaun Attwood  

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Melody Vig said...

Reading this brings tears to my eyes. I was arrested in Alabama once and thrown into an overcrowded, disgusting bullpin and I remember thinking, "How can a place this gruesome exist and why isn't somebody doing something about it?! How can these guards see this suffering everyday and not want to shoot themselves?". A good friend of mine sat in max security jail for 4 months for a petty nonviolent crime and slowly went crazy. I was dirt poor at the time and couldn't help him bail out. Basically if you don't have money or connections and you go to jail, you are screwed. South Florida where I live, Broward County, seems particularly cruel from what I have heard. Thinking about what people endure in prison has seriously questioned my spirituality and faith in humanity.