From T-Bone (Letter 67)

T-Bone is a massively-built spiritual ex-Marine, who uses fighting skills to stop prison rape. T-Bone’s latest letter from Arizona prison:

My public defender is a joke. He doesn’t want to go up against the state, and he traded some other case for mine. Now I really need help, ask people online for help so I can get a lawyer in Arizona who will plead my case. I’m in here because someone said I did something with no evidence at all, none. Just hearsay, which is like saying a man in Texas heard you did something and reported it to the police, but you were in England when he said it. I have a copy of a call that went to the police and it said that I had some gold coins that I was selling and trading. Where’s the robbery? Where’s the crime? There is none.

Yes, I have a record, and that is one reason they did this to me. Another reason is me being a big, black man! They look you in the face and pretend that they don’t see the color of a man’s skin. But honestly, that’s the first think they look at, along with how much money you have! You know the police need to gather evidence because without evidence, people can make any claim they want! They can say anything, make up any story against anyone.

The public needs to know the truth. I was convicted based on testimony alone and made-up stories and my lawyer asked the prosecutor to read what she had said previously, but she was not to read it aloud. So the jury never heard anything she said before, and the judge never told them that there was no hard evidence, yet the judge wouldn’t grant my motion and said there was “sufficient evidence” to go forward knowing full well that everything they did was calculated and done for the state.

They knew then and know now that everyone in this country who makes an allegation must have proof to back up their assertion. There must be collaborating evidence to prove what was alleged. The judge looked down on me because of my record that isn’t pretty, but that’s not their job.

Looking down on a defendant is wrong because they must be impartial. They must go by the law. They cannot allow personal thoughts or feelings to interfere with their judgments, but the prosecutor did, and allowed fake testimony to be shown to the jury. I know people look at me and think, “Karma got him”. But no, it wasn’t karma: it was racism, plain and simple, because if I had taken the 40 years, I would have signed the plea bargain!

Each one
Teach one
Strength and Honor
Steel Embrace


Shaun Attwood  


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