From T-Bone (Letter 68)

T-Bone is a massively-built spiritual ex-Marine, who uses fighting skills to stop prison rape. T-Bone’s latest letter from Arizona prison:

I had to write this letter even though these people are reading my mail to you. So check this out, as you know, there’s a serious drug problem in places like this. How crazy people get from and for it, especially Spice. That is some nasty stuff! They make the chemicals in China. I swear it has sexual chemicals sprayed on it. The prisoners smoke it. Well, they have a prison channel and they play this infomercial 24 hours a day about “The Dangers of Spice,” but it doesn’t make a difference to people who want to sell it and smoke it.


This guy by the name of L got to smoking it out on the recreation field. He fell head first in the hot sand and then he got to fighting the air. He was hearing and seeing things that weren’t even there. He was talking to demons, I believe. He’s a good-sized guy and everyone, and I mean everyone, was scared of him.

I couldn’t just stand there and let the man embarrass himself anymore, so I asked the Lord for help, and walked up and hugged the man. His eyes were open, but he was possessed. I held onto him. He’s a hard man. He stood there with his mind on something far away (something was in him). He was sweating and his muscles were twitching from head to toe, like the wind was blowing under his skin. I got scared for a moment, and he sensed it and started holding on tighter, but God calmed me and out of nowhere came medical personal who put him on a gurney and took him to Medical.

Prisoner on Spice

I went on to my cell and prayed and out of nowhere three buttholes who like to see things in a negative way, they stated that I was making it hot for them. I laughed and told them to leave before things got serious. The one who considered himself to be the leader called me a “stupid nigger.”

I kicked him in the knee and wham-wham-boom! I hit him three times. He was out. To my surprise, some guys came to support me. They knew what had happened to L was wrong.
The leader came back after he had woken up. His so-called homeboys put him up to it. He wasn’t ready, but he tried. I grabbed him and put him in a chokehold. He tapped my arm real quick and I told him to let it go and to grow up. His people ran off the yard.

There are always guys falling out from that stuff who know better, but they have to have it. I feel no sorrow for any of them because they are allowing a way of thinking that’s become a culture. Now, they go around giving hot ones (butt-kicking) to people falling out from smoking Spice.

The guy I had to deal with, his nickname is “Infant.” Does that say it all or what? I hope he changes his name because his nickname is without a doubt for a kid. Ha ha! I had to throw that one at you! Can you believe I was making it hot, because I helped a guy who had fallen out on the rec field? Wow! It’s hard to believe, but people do think like that. I’ve put everything in God’s hands, so please continue to pray for me.

Each one
Teach one
Strength and Honor
Steel Embrace


Shaun Attwood  


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