05 July 05


Recently, I lost three of my friends including my dining and workout companions. Popcorn was freed after a brief stint in lockdown where he was sent after being suspected of breaking his cellmate’s arm. Fish was freed to a housing unit that caters to people with AIDS. String Bean’s institutional score was dropped, and he is now housed in a minimum-security building, where he is eligible for food visits.

In the chow hall I sometimes sit with Slingblade, Will and Kenny. It is fascinating watching Slingblade grab trays from passing inmates, and devouring the leftovers. Will was arrested in 1970 and convicted of murder. He is personable and well-mannered. Since receiving Kenny’s letter I have explained to him that I am heterosexual, and our relationship is still on a solid footing.

I usually chat with Blackheart and Xena in the chow line. I spend most of the day alone, reading, writing and studying unless I receive a chess challenge – usually from Mooga or Red – in which case I am compelled to defend my title.

Naturally, I talk to my cellmate, Long Island, the most. I am teaching him the art of futures trading. In our hypothetical portfolios I’m long soy beans, short the Swiss franc, and he’s long copper, and short cattle.

Unlike the jail environment most of the people here have been inmates for years so everybody knows everybody else. Slowly, I’ve been making more friends.

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Anonymous said...

Jon, any chance you could ask long island if he would do a blog once he gets released? I'd love to hear stories of how he makes it in the real world as a trader! How amazing would that be?

Tony - London.