17 July 05

Quote of the Month

The following conversation occurred between two convicted murderers. Two Tonys is a Detroit Irish-Italian whose wit could upstage Rodney Dangerfield's. Slope is a hillbilly with a tattoo of a broken heart on his penis. Slope is near the end of a twenty-five-year sentence, whereas Two Tonys is serving multiple life sentences. Two Tonys speaks like an old mobster. He used to be an associate of the Bonnano and Licavoli crime families.

Here’s Slope telling Two Tonys about the new reclassification system:

“There’s a new reclass system coming into effect. Education 'll help yer get yer score down,” Slope said.
“Great! I’ve got a GED and I’m only in here for killin’ two motherfuckers, maybe I’ll get some play,” Two Tonys said.
Slope laughed.
“It’s true. I only whacked two motherfuckers – the rest they still ain’t found. They were all pieces of shit though. They had it comin’. Just like I told the judge at my trial, ‘Your Honour, I never killed anyone who didn’t have it comin’.”

Two Tonys' admission to the judge wins the quote of the month award.

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Don said...
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Anonymous said...

Bill Munny: "Hell of a thing, killin' a man. Take away all he's got and all he's ever gonna have."
The Schofield Kid: "Yeah, well, I guess he had it comin'."
Bill Munny: "We all got it comin', kid."
('Unforgiven' 1992)

Don said...

I deleted my last comment due to my typos!

I think Tony must be a music lover. This is the famous line from the "Cell Block Tango" in the musical and movie "Chicago":
"He had it comin',
He had it comin'
He only had himself to blame,
If you'da been there,
If you'da seen it,
You would've done the same"

Anonymous said...

Only thing that came out of my mouth was B****Y HELL!
Terry B