15 Sep 07

Flashback to Tucson Prison

Kat (Part 6)

Kat - A Navajo transsexual who crashed while drunk driving, killing two people. A talented artist specializing in Native American and southwestern designs.

“I take it you know Gina who cut her balls off?” I asked.
“Yeah. She’s down there on Yard 4,” Kat said. “Did Xena ever tell you about Pam?”
“Pam set the trend for castration, for in-cell self surgery.”
“Around 2000.”
“Was she hospitalised like Gina?”
“No. She did the perfect surgery. She said the doctor told her she’d done a good job on them.”
“What did she use?”
“Nail clippers.”
“She used a rubber band for a tourniquet.”
“How’s that work?”
“You know how the ballsack hangs down? She tied the sack with a rubber band, and then she used the nail clippers to cut the ball skin open.”
“Was there a lot of blood?”
“Yeah, but before she’d removed the balls, she tied the tubes that were holding them. Then she sowed the sack up and undid the rubber band. She said the pain didn’t start until thirty minutes later, and it was sooo like unbearable.”
“Did she flush her balls down the toilet?”
“Yeah. Bye-bye, boys!”
“Was she happy?”
“Besides having to deal with hot flushes, yeah. She said she’d do it again if she had to.”
“Does she want vaginoplasty?”
“No. She just wanted a good tuck.”
“How was her sex life after the orchidectomy?”
“A year later, I asked her if she was sexually gratified and she didn’t wanna comment on it. I’d assume sex is boring now.”
“’Cause there’s no sexual gratification, no release. The stimulating part of having sex – the ahh-ahh – is gone.”
“Perhaps she’s more prostate orientated.”
Kat burst into falsetto laughter, then said, “Sorry, Pam.”

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Anonymous said...

Just read the flashback blog. It seems so unfair that not only do men have the option of powerful release, they also have the option of getting rid of the equipment. A woman can't add it on...LOL! Darn. Being a woman is so freaking complicated.

Anonymous said...

How's Kat doing now? We heard from Xena but not Kat. Has Kat written since you were deoported?

Come on Kat, tell us what you're up to these days and how prison is treating you?