05 Apr 09

Supporting Prisoners

In a sham on the taxpayers of Arizona, the State of Arizona is slashing spending on education to spend more on prisons. Misty, author of the blog Arizona Prison Widow, wants her fellow taxpayers in Arizona to take a stand on this issue. Like Misty, I support a reduction in prison sentences to address Arizona’s budget crisis, and I am appalled by the planned cuts in prison education.

Misty is calling on residents of Arizona to email the following message to the list of Arizona representatives by copy and pasting the message and the email addresses into one email:

Subject: Cut the mandatory time served for inmates in our state prison system

Recently, there has been talk of a budget proposal to reduce the mandatory time served for inmates in Arizona. I completely support this proposal, and I strongly urge you, as a representative of the taxpayers of Arizona, to implement this plan by whatever means necessary. There is too much spending in corrections and not enough on education and other important agencies. It's time that the mandatory minimum time served of 85% be reduced for those qualified inmates.

spierce@azleg.gov; ahale@azleg.gov; rgould@azleg.gov; jharper@azleg.gov; sallen@azleg.gov; pgorman@azleg.gov; jwaring@azleg.gov; callen@azleg.gov; rburns@azleg.gov; lgray@azleg.gov; bleff@azleg.gov; jnelson@azleg.gov; rmiranda@azleg.gov; dmccunedavis@azleg.gov; kcheuvront@azleg.gov; llandrumtaylor@azleg.gov; mburtoncahill@azleg.gov; rpearce@azleg.gov; cgray@azleg.gov; jhuppenthal@azleg.gov; jtibshraeny@azleg.gov; tverschoor@azleg.gov; rrios@azleg.gov; aaguirre@azleg.gov; malvarez@azleg.gov; amelvin@azleg.gov; jgarcia@azleg.gov; paboud@azleg.gov; llopez@azleg.gov; jpaton@azleg.gov; lmason@azleg.gov; atobin@azleg.gov; tchabin@azleg.gov; cdeschene@azleg.gov; dgoodale@azleg.gov; nmclain@azleg.gov; tboone@azleg.gov; jburges@azleg.gov; jbrown@azleg.gov; bkonopnicki@azleg.gov; scrump@azleg.gov; cseel@azleg.gov; rbarnes@azleg.gov; nbarto@azleg.gov; jkavanagh@azleg.gov; mreagan@azleg.gov; dlesko@azleg.gov; rmurphy@azleg.gov; dquelland@azleg.gov; jweiers@azleg.gov; adriggs@azleg.gov; emeyer@azleg.gov; smontenegro@azleg.gov; jpweiers@azleg.gov; mgarcia@azleg.gov; atovar@azleg.gov; chcampbell@azleg.gov; rmeza@azleg.gov; dlujan@azleg.gov; ksinema@azleg.gov; clcampbell@azleg.gov; bmiranda@azleg.gov; eableser@azleg.gov; dschapira@azleg.gov; cash@azleg.gov; scourt@azleg.gov; kadams@azleg.gov; rcrandall@azleg.gov; jmccomish@azleg.gov; rwaters@azleg.gov; wnichols@azleg.gov; syarbrough@azleg.gov; abiggs@azleg.gov; lhendrix@azleg.gov; bmcguire@azleg.gov; fpratt@azleg.gov; rjones@azleg.gov; lpancrazi@azleg.gov; pfleming@azleg.gov; dstevens@azleg.gov; vwilliams@azleg.gov; nyoungwright@azleg.gov; ocajerobedford@azleg.gov; plopes@azleg.gov; dbradley@azleg.gov; sfarley@azleg.gov; mheinz@azleg.gov; dpatterson@azleg.gov; fantenori@azleg.gov; dgowan@azleg.gov;

Lady Arkles is campaigning to save the life of Jose Garcia Briseno who is on death row in Texas. She has provided these videos for me to share:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9Gu99DZj8A
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAOVYEV1R5g&feature=related
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuEQ0rgZXII&feature=related
Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIUlhxOMHCk&feature=related

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Shaun P. Attwood

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Briandi said...

Thank You Shaun. I will continue to update my blog with more news on this as it develops.