06 Apr 09

From T-Bone (Letter 9)

T-Bone - Radiating power and strength, this deeply-spiritual massively-built African American towers over most inmates. He is a prison gladiator with more stab wounds than Julius Caesar. A good man to have on your side.


Hey Brother,

What’s crackin over there across the big pond, and please tell me some of the ways they make fish and chips in merry old England?

Shaun, I miss you, man, and guess what? The City of Phoenix is really getting it for allowing some guy to run raves in the warehouse district downtown where you threw some of your raves, and your situation was mentioned as an example during the newscast. They talked about the sex and drugs associated with raves, and that the City of Phoenix should have known better than to allow people to party like that.

I know I haven’t been writing to you like I should, but I’ve been giving quite a lot of time to staying “sucker free!” How’s you love life? How’s your work going? How’s your family? And most importantly, how is your state of mind? Have you been drinking or drugging? Are you speaking to the youngsters yet? Let them know about me, and I’ll try to get you a picture so they can see your B.G. [bodyguard] who kept that fact to himself. As for me, I am strong. I don’t need or want any poison (drugs).

Speaking of Strength and Honor, I had to put this guy on his back after he said something that wasn’t too smart on his part. And you won’t believe the amount of dope that’s here in this place. OZ’s [ounces] Shaun, I mean OZ’s.

So what are the U.K.’s laws on ex felons coming there for holidays? As you know, I am out of here this November, or maybe sooner. That’s what’s on my mind, and working. And, man, I can’t wait to taste the fresh air. Wow and hoorah!

Please be careful and stay away from crazy people. Sat Hi to your folks, and you had better send me some pictures, my Brother, and know that you are on my mind, and yes, Shaun, you’re in my heart, my friend. Be strong and hold your head up high. Look North and think about how the Picts came running out of the hills to fight the Romans. Determination and Fortitude. Strength and Honor. Each one, teach one.

Steel embrace,



ps) Thank your readers for their prayers. They have my respect and heart. Tell them I said to stay strong and live right. To be happy and of good courage

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Coming soon: My response to T-Bone’s many questions and T-Bone’s next fight story.

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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

T-Bone, do you have a plan for when you get out in November? Are you confident of staying out of prison?


Anonymous said...

FYI your blog has been added to the Morey Units site for CO's to communicate. check out this link.

Vanessa said...

Well I hope that if Co's read your blog they might learn a little something? Might be a good thing!

To T-bone,
Just remember that you can't forget your past, but you can make a choice to make better decisions in the future. The future is bright and so are you.