08 Apr 09

Question Time

I am grateful to T-Bone for the following questions.

How’s your work going? Are you speaking to the youngsters yet? Let them know about me, and I’ll try to get you a picture so they can see your B.G. [bodyguard].

One of the reasons I moved to London was to jumpstart my job speaking to audiences of youths in schools and colleges. My boss is based out of London, and he said if I moved to London it would make it much easier for him to send me to the schools as most of his business is in the southern counties of England. However, it’s not the case that he can simply send me out to the schools to talk about prison and drugs. He has to advertise my story to the schools and the schools have to book me to speak. In his office last week, I met Emma Cole, who is putting together a blurb on my story for the schools, and adding my story to their website, which I expect to be up in about two weeks time. Emma is HIV positive, and speaks to the schools on that subject. I’m looking forward to starting the job, and to being a positive influence in the lives of some youths, but there’s nothing I can do until the advertising is done, and I get some bookings.
When you make it to England, I would love to introduce you to the schools, and to many other people. It’s one thing to read about you, but entirely another to meet you in person. The first time I saw you, I thought you belonged in a gladiator movie. It takes some time to get used to being around a man of your size. I’m sure the youths would be impressed not only by your physique, but also the size of your heart.

How’s your family?

Mum and Dad are doing fine in my hometown up north. I visited them over Mother’s Day weekend last month. I introduced them to Kathi, and they like that I’ve found a kind-hearted woman. My sister and her husband visited me last Sunday. We had lunch in a pub overlooking the River Wey, which weaves by some golden sands. I also gave them a tour of the house I’m staying at. They’ve since flown back to Dubai for work.

Do you have any idea when you’ll get to the final draft of your book?

Green Bologna and Pink Boxers is at 91,198 words. The bulk of the draft is down. I wrote hundreds of letters from the jail, and I’m now going over those letters for added details. The polishing comes next. I expect the entire draft to be in a presentable form later this year. My mentor, Sally Hinchcliffe, wants me to concentrate on getting the draft done, and then to start polishing it up from the beginning, applying everything I am presently learning. Sally seems pleased with the progress I’m making. And just yesterday, I received a positive email from a literary agent who had read chapters 1 to 3, requesting to meet me in London.

How’s you love life?

Kathi visited for two weeks last month, and I’ve booked to go to Germany for two weeks commencing on May 16th, which is Kathi’s birthday. We haven’t known each other for long, but so far she has been wonderful to be around. She is caring, generous, happy, intelligent, and lives simply. She’s not a partier, or likely to lead me astray. She doesn’t do drugs, but likes her beer. Such a German!

And most importantly, how is your state of mind?

I am happy to be in the right place to be bringing my projects to fruition. I like the house I’m in, the town of Guildford, and my landlord, Mike Hotwheelz, who spoils me with his homemade smoothies and Indian curries. I am attending various classes at the gym – just last night I did some yoga, tai chi and light weightlifting – and all of this exercise is really keeping me in a good mood. My only worries have been over money, but other than that, I’m doing what I love to do, writing.

Have you been drinking or drugging?

Definitely no drugging. I did drink a few pints of cider when Kathi came, but not enough to feel the effects the next day. Hammy wants to visit Guildford, and there’s no way I can keep up with his power drinking.

So what are the U.K.’s laws on felons coming there for holidays?

I really don’t know. I’m hoping that one of the blog readers will post a comment with info on that. I know that you have to get a passport first, and that’s at the discretion of the Passport Authority, who can deny felons, but usually do so only if the crimes are extremely serious like international terrorism. I don’t know what checks they run for felons coming from America into Europe. It would be terrible if you arrived here, and they put you on a flight back to America.

Please tell me some of the ways they make fish and chips in merry old England?

The traditional English way is to deep fry battered cod. When I was a child, the fish ‘n’ chips shops (chippies) served fish ‘n’ chips in sheets from old newspapers. As a regular at Appleton Chippy, I was addicted to fish fingers and chips. I used to coat the fish fingers in salt and Daddies Sauce (similar to your A1 Steak Sauce).

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Shaun P. Attwood


Regenbluemchen said...

Thank you Shaun. I love you. XXX

Anonymous said...

Good morning, (at least here, it's 6:00am)
Just read your blog for today. Anyone, with few exceptions, can get a passport here provided they are a U.S. citizen. It's actually the best I.D. you can get here. Far better than a drivers license, etc. However, a passport allows you to go no where at all.
It is a visa, issued from the country you wish to travel to,
which actually allows you entry into into that particular country. You simply use your passport to obtain this desired visa and to gain reentry back into the U.S. T-Bone will not be coming to England. He will be unable to obtain even a tourist visa. Everything changed with 911. Besides, he will likely be on parole and as such he cannot even legally leave the State of Arizona.

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