Dawn of a New Adventure (Part 11)

I finally made it back down south after almost a month up north. At my parents, I gained about seven pounds in weight thanks to three meals a day of home-cooked food, ranging from Dad’s curries to Mum’s chilli.

Outside of doing family stuff and book signing, I was on my Dad’s computer, writing non-stop, trying to finish the prequel to Hard Time before my talks to schools start. It’s almost done. Just a few minor adjustments needed. We've had movie interest, but the feedback has been that the story is incomplete without the prequel.

In the previous academic year, I almost doubled my talks to schools, and did my first overseas talk to a school in Germany. My calendar is filling up fast, and I’ve got two thousand brochures/flyers and 200 DVD’s going out to schools in September. Below is the new flyer the McLellan Practice is using to advertise my talk.

As well as the drugs and prison talk to schools under the PSHE curriculum, I'm about to launch a second talk to English departments about my journey to becoming a published author, along the lines of my first talk to a book club.  

This Saturday, I’m book signing in Guildford (further info), where we sold 73 copies last time.

Shaun Attwood
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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the prequel Shaun!


Anonymous said...

Excellent book.. thanks for signing my copy.. ditto the guy above's comments..


Anonymous said...

You mentioned putting on weight from the good food your parents make. I was wondering if you were still vegetarian/vegan?

~Big Jason

Jon said...

Big Jason,

Yes, I am still vegetarian since the red death mystery meat slop at Arpaio's jail. All of my family are too, except my dad who still eats chicken and beef.

Shannon Clark said...

You look like you've added some bulk-good job all around. So proud of all that you have accomplished!!

Sue O