Question Time with Claudia

Claudia – one of the main characters in Hard Time – was my girlfriend when the SWAT team smashed our door down.

Zara asked: Are you and Claudia still in touch? Did she overcome her drinking problem and her depression?

Shaun: I never got back with Claudia, but we are still friends, and she is helping me with the next book, the prequel to Hard Time. She has a boyfriend, and seems happy now.

Claudia emailed:

To answer the reader's question, I barely drink anymore :) Only to have fun, not to escape! And it's rare these days that I do. Maybe a glass or two of wine or a few pints of beer at happy hour once a month. I got over that, though it took time. It just kind of disappeared!

And I do suffer from anxiety and depression that comes and goes ever since the arrest. I will be fine for a year or two and then it will hit me. It seems to come around summer time (May-ish and it will last for a few months). Sometimes I get medicine and stay on it for awhile and I will stop when I feel better, sometimes I suffer through it with no medicine. But about every year or two it strikes. It is hard and seems to get worse, but hopefully it will go away over time. I am in the midst of it now and have been for a couple of months. It does seem to be lifting.

Shaun: Claudia, You mention getting a depression every year, whereas around that time, May 16th, I get a yearning to be with you, and I look at your pics - which makes it worse - and read what you are doing on Facebook - and see how happy you seem, and I know after everything I've put you through I don't deserve to disrupt your life, but I still think about you a lot and about what could have been.

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Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

Really happy to see your beautifull face smilling xx


Anonymous said...

hi claudia. Shaun can you ask Claudia what she thinks of hard time? Has forgiveness played a part in her journey? Was helping write the next book carthartic for her? Finally Claudia you have a very warm smile and i wish you all the best

in friendship

Anonymous said...


It's good to see Claudia looking so great even though the anxiety will take time to subside. Glad to hear you have a trilogy planned. I'll be amongst the first to buy the prequel. Go steady.


bail bonds las vegas said...

Better to just stop drinking completely. Drinking for fun is like smoking for fun (at least for me). It always leads to addiction or binges....neither is good.

Shannon Clark said...

How wonderful that the relationship as friends has survived! She's lovely as you describe her. Much as we may try, I don't think our family relationships are going to remain the same or ever be what they would had Brandon not been arrested. Hard to say. The girls seem to be letting go as they go on with their lives. The judge that sentenced Bran in juvie got 28 years in federal prison for the "kids for cash" scheme he was involved in. Sue O

Unknown said...

I just read both of your books in three days, after seeing your story on Locked Up Abroad. It was nice to start with Party Time before reading Hard Time. Both very good reads, but I was left wondering what ever happened to "the girl"! I was hoping you two would have somehow ended up together, but glad to hear Claudia has moved on and is doing better.

Also, hoping you'll write a book about a subject you touched on in Party Time - growing up with Wild Man and the gang. I'd definitely buy a copy of that as well!

Unknown said...

Wow... Just watched locked up and was very interesting will definitely get the books now... You always wonder about the other people involved so this is nice.. Good luck with everything everyone!!

Larry Harson said...

I was curious about Shaun's girlfriend after seeing the cute blonde he got to kiss and bed in the documentary locked Up Abroad. Jordan Peterson has a few good videos on how to deal with depression on Youtube, starting with getting a job to add structure to your life, and working from there.

Unknown said...

That was really you in locked up? Wow a movie star. Cool to see your doing better now not all drugged up.
Keep safe and happiness always,

TRAMP said...

This story kills my heart. CLAUDIA! England is so lovely! GO! GO! You're missing your lad and he is missing you. Or should I say "La"? Much love to you both.

Unknown said...

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