DNA Evidence Gets 18 Innocent People Off Death Row

The facts on some of the 18 set up by corrupt prosecutors and detectives out to "solve" murder cases to advance their careers. Prosecutors like Noel Levy and Sherri Bevan Walsh who suppress evidence and coach witnesses to lie. These prosectors and detectives are the real murderers in these cases.

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Free Men
Source: TopCriminalJusticeDegrees.org

Shaun Attwood


Unknown said...

Hi Shaun, that doesn't seem to be quite what it says in the graphic. It says 18 people off death row and 301 in total exonerated (though presumably mostly not on death row). Am I missing something? I'm not meaning to nitpick and this is still an embarrassingly huge number but just thought it better to get the details right.

Jon said...

well spotted fixed thanks

SamiDoDamage said...

This only addresses exonerations from DNA evidence, so the 'wrongfully convicted' numbers are probably higher. A federal appeals court overturned the conviction of Debra Jean Milke, on Arizona Death row for 20 years. She was convicted by...you guessed it...Maricopa County prosecutors based primarily on the uncoroborated testimony of a detective that she confessed-no written confession, no witnesses to the confession. -Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/arizona-woman-jailed-1989-killing-4-year-old-son-conviction-thrown-article-1.1289532#ixzz2NeIyvk5P