Greetings from the Abyss by Jack (Part 10)

Jack is serving life without parole, and has terminal cancer. Throughout my incarceration, Jack was a positive influence. He encouraged me to keep writing, to enter short-story competitions, and we proofread each other’s chapters. Jack is seeking pen pals, so anyone interested please email me at for his details. 

Unfortunately, I’ve been a bit under the weather. Something has gone haywire, and I’m having a few problems walking again. I’m getting around, but I have to use my cane. I’ve also managed to develop an infection that has caused the lymph nodes in my neck and under my left arm to swell. I’ve been on antibiotics for the last two weeks. The swelling has gone down some, but I still look like I’ve got a golf ball stuck in my throat. My chemo port is blocked again. I have two options. 1: They take me to the chemo clinic and they work their magic and manage to clear the blockage or 2: I have to go back to hospital and have the port surgically repaired. I’m hoping for 1 but expecting 2. Well, if nothing else, my life isn’t boring. 

Thank you for being an emergency contact in the event of my death. I can’t begin to express how much of a relief this is to me. My terminal health care needs are relatively simple. I wish to be kept reasonably pain free, but I do not under any circumstances wish for my life to be prolonged by means of artificial circulation or breathing, nor do I wish to be artificially administered food or fluids. I hope I don’t sound selfish or defeatist, but to be honest, Shaun, I’m tired. I’m plum worn out. I know I can do the chemo again, I’m just not sure if that’s the right thing to do. Yea, I know I’m snivelling and sounding weak, maybe I’m just depressed right now, but things do seem rather bleak and my prospects aren’t exactly the greatest.  

Thank you again for everything you’ve done for me. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.
With much love and appreciation, 


Shaun Attwood

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