Postcards from T-Bone (3)

Peace My Brother, 

Please tell the students at T-Bone Appreciation Society that I have read and appreciate all of their comments on my Facebook wall. Tell them things are terrible in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s jail. We get no sunshine, no exercise or running, nothing but two meals a day and a very small 13-inch TV fixed to a wall 20 foot in the air. Two buns with peanut butter in the morning with an orange or a grapefruit, and some type of slop in the evening that’s whatever old meat they’ve got on hand mixed with beans and water. It’s called slop! It’s not enough to keep my strength up, and I have no money for commissary. There are 70 guys in each pod, 35 out at a time for showers.

When I get free, I will be out there in England, and you can finish writing my story. How is your niece, Yasmin, doing? I am praying for her. 

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. 

I miss you, man. 

Each one, teach one. Steel embrace. Strength and honor. 


Shaun Attwood

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Anonymous said...

You are in all of our thoughts, T-Bone - peace and love, brother. You can do it, you are strong and you can get through this - we all believe in you.