Prison Time

My third book, Prison Time, is published on February 13th 2014. What do you think of the cover? Following on from Hard Time and Party Time, Prison Time covers my time spent in the Arizona Department of Corrections after I was sentenced. It features many of the prisons from Jon's Jail Journal, but goes into much greater detail. All of the stuff I couldn't post to my blog because it would have got people in trouble is in Prison Time. It is also the first book to detail the sex lives of prisoners. Click here to read chapter 1.

Advance review of Prison Time by Clayton Littlewood
Books transport you to other worlds. Good books make you feel part of that world. Outstanding books make that world hard to leave. In his third book, Attwood documents the brutality of prison life, the threat of rape, the strength it takes to survive a violent, drug addicted world– introducing us to characters that fiction would find hard to invent. Attwood’s survival is nail-biting stuff. We live it with him. We pray to God we never find ourselves in that position. We follow his progress as he immerses himself in literature, psychology and philosophy. When I read Prison Time I was reminded of a book I read as a kid, Henri Charri√®re’s Papillon. That book stayed with me for 40 years. I have no doubt Attwood’s will do the same. 

Shaun Attwood


Ben H said...

Hi Shaun, I can't wait to get my teeth into your first two books which I purchased on Amazon after seeing the Banged Up Abroad episode. The cover of the third looks great, by the way. Just wanted to pop by to say thanks for sharing your story on the show.

I hope you are well!


muzuzuzus said...

The cover looks great, and that sexual encounter you had I read had me laughing, but only because how outrageous it was. I BET you got lots of attention in their hot lad lol

Shaun Attwood said...

thanks guys, and yes, I got hit on loads throughout prison