Independent Article Today

A massive thank you today to Patrick Strudwick for the hard hitting 4-page feature on prison sex in The Independent Magazine. Please click here to read it.   

The article tells the story of She-Ra (Xena). Click here to read:
Xena on Prison Rape Part 1
Xena on Prison Rape Part 2

Video of Xena's horrific gang rape story:

She-Ra is one of my prison friends in my new book, Prison Time.

Click here to read about the prisoners at this blog who range from Mafia hit men to giant transsexuals.  

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Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

I am really saddened to read this, I know prison is a place for punishment of wrong doing, but these men are human and I feel if they were allowed time with thier wives/ partners then this issue would not be so rife, my church currently goes into Brixton prison it sounds tame in comparison to the prisons mentioned here. There needs to be a lot done to reform these prisons. I am glad you are exposing this so the outside world is made more aware, if society dosent except assault and rape on everyday streets, they shouldnt be allowing it to go on in prisons, Talk about double standards. They need to look at the root cause and allow the men time with thier women folk, it just shows how abnormal it becomes when women are taken out of the picture.


Matt in Las Vegas said...

Wow Shaun. This video hit home and makes me want to show mercy to even the worst offenders. No human deserves this to happen in or outside of prison EVER. Sometimes people, especially young invincibles, need to see reality in its raw, ugliest form.

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