T-Bone Update

T-Bone is a deeply spiritual massive ex-Marine I met in prison who was stopping prison rape. A family member of T-Bone visited him in the jail and provided this update.

T-Bone was moved to a new cell because of a plumbing problem caused by a guard doing pull-ups on the overhead pipes in the tower. The guard was later fired for generating a flood that caused $250,000 in damage. It made the local news:

T-Bone had a trial for three offences: two of robbery and one of kidnapping.  On kidnapping and one robbery, he was found innocent.  On one robbery he was found guilty.  The circumstances on the robbery he was found guilty are in question and they are undergoing appeal.

T-Bone has another drug related charge. He is claiming innocence on this. It really sounds like the prosecutor is setting him up.

The prosecutor has offered 10 years as a plea bargain. With time served (2 years), this would mean doing 6 years in prison. T-Bone refused this deal.

T-Bone is asking us to pray for whether he should accept 6 years, if offered. This would mean serving 2 years in prison with his 2-year-credit for time served in jail. I believe he is concerned here of the risk of going to trial and getting a longer sentence.

T-Bone continues to be the pod Pastor, and ministering to the other inmates. He is an inspiration to many. He is the day to day leader in spiritual matters in his pod. This pod is known as the GOD pod in the jail. I have not seen another pod like this. All men of different races gather in common prayer. T-Bone is the facilitator of this.

T-Bone continues to protect men from rape and sexual advances from other men. He is aware of what is going on in the pod, and is on top of things. If things go bad, he is ready to intercede.

T-Bone’s primary concern is for his family. He desperately wants to be with them.  Particular concern is his wife not having a car. She takes the bus to and from work, and as a result is unable to take T-Bone’s son, Champ, to sports practice. Champ has no other way of getting to practice. Finances are the issue. Please let T-Bone know if you know anyone in Phoenix who can give Champ a ride or even donate a used car. 

T-Bone also has a hunger for better food. It has all been peanut butter now with no meat.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio has also cut him off from two milks per day to one. He is surviving but has hunger for food that can only be supplied by putting some money on his inmate account.

T-Bone’s goal is to speak before large groups of people about his experiences in the jail. He’s working on making contacts in churches and schools.

I now have two books featuring T-Bone, the hard-hitting Prison Time and a self-help book, Lessons from a Drug Lord– both include T-Bone fight stories

Shaun Attwood   

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Jon said...

In Arizona the prosecutors intentionally overcharge people in the hope that a fraction of it will stick. This practice should be made illegal as its basically just a game they play, which adds to their plea bargaining power. So far T-Bone has defeated nearly all of the charges against him and continues to challenge the outstanding charges. I'm convinced his entire case will be dropped to something less serious if he agrees to plead guilty to some lesser charges.