15 March 05

I had better never see a book than to be warped by its attraction clean out of my own orbit, and made a satellite instead of a system.

Ralph Waldo Emerson The American Scholar 1837

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Anonymous said...

Some good advice from Marcel, Jon, keep it 'real' and don't look back. Lack of confidence in your literary ability may have led you to believe that you need to emulate the great authors of the past, but your writing style is developing and you are finding your own voice.
Your experience is unique and many people throughout the world will be interested in your fate.
Write about what you see, hear and feel and your success will be assured.

Mary UK
(English lecturer)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon, In answer to your email, John Keegan either was until very recently, or still is, Senior Lecturer in Military History at Sandhurst. I've read three of his books and many of his newspaper articles and I think he's brilliant. Try these (or any of his):
The Face of Battle, publisher Pimlico, ISBN 0-7126-5090-3
A History of Warfare, publisher Pimlico, ISBN 0-7126-9850-7

He's had 'rave reviews' from everyone from the New York Times through The Daily Telegraph to C.P. Snow.

If you manage to get hold of any of his writing let me know what you

Keep on blogging!
Very best wishes
Julia Edwards

Anonymous said...

Very enlightening seen as though you are in a prison for a while. Keep up the good work and keep your chin up.