5 March 05

Good Suffering at Tent City

Link to New Times article about Leslie and other victims in the gulag.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,
Hope you are well (or as well as can be!)I look forward to reading your blog and have got my wife hooked as well. We both watched the Channel 4 series on torture and prisons the other week and we were both horrified when we were exposed to Joe Apario's regime in Arizona. We were appalled to see the degredation of the American prison system, the incident in Abu'grab was small time in comparison. Maybe if the world realised that those attrocities were happening today in the US they would look at forcing the administration to adopt change. Don't get me wrong I am no soft Liberal sort, I believe that people should be sent to prison (if found guilty) 'as punishment' not 'for punishment'. My wife is a lecturer in psychology and is using the scenario for debate. look forward to hearing more from you in the future.
Best wishes
Greg B