27 March 06

A Kiss (Part 1)

Royo Girl – a criminology graduate who sends me scented letters and fantasy art by Luis Royo – shall be visiting here this summer, and we have agreed to kiss.

A kiss may not be a big deal to most people, but to a prisoner deprived of female contact, a kiss means a lot.

The prospect of kissing Royo Girl is something I’m looking forward to, but it has also caused some concerns to arise. What kind of a kiss will it be? A quick peck? A long-lasting lip lock? Will my tongue try to dive down her throat? Why do I feel as if I’m in high school again?

It’s been a while since I’ve experienced the pleasure of kissing. I'll probably just move in for a small kiss at first, and then try to build from there. I’ve never given so much thought to a kiss. Why am I so excited over something so simple? It’s only a kiss – right?

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Anonymous said...

It started with a kiss... ...

Anonymous said...

Huh...Do you think in what it will turn AFTER a kiss if you think sooo much on this before it happend?...Beware...Maybe, you'd even better to stay away from it, I don't know...

SpaceFalcon2001 said...

The casual touching of members of the opposite sex only dulls our sensitivity to the sexual power of touch. The sense of touch, especially when shared between man and woman, can be the manifestation of the most holy and creative powers available to humankind.

The one who is used to touching members of the opposite sex fails to realize the truly appreciate the awesome intimate power of touch. Reserving it for special times magnifies it's value to you.

In your case, you're forced to experiance it, but in this way, you can give it a positive spin :-)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen her before?

Do you know what she looks like?

Does frankie know yet?!!!


Anonymous said...

I'd kiss you anyday Jon. Pitty I've never been to America! I hope she's good looking and nice. :D
xx Pippa

Mr Jherek said...

You should practise on Frankie :P

Chris Hawthorne said...

Mate, she sounds like a stalker to me. Or the kinda girl that has 75 cats and declares her un-dying love to some mad dog on death row having NEVER met him!


Anonymous said...

After reading your blog for so long, the new entry was a pleasant surprise. I am happy to hear that you have something to look foward to. However, I know you still have awhile in there and just don't want you to get your hopes up that you are going to develop a relationship from the kiss.

You should tell us more about this 'friend'. Is she just a friend? How do you feel about her? Is she just having a bit of fun at your emotional expense? I worry about you and don't want you to get hurt.

Regardless of my words of caution, I am happy that you will have some good heterosexual attention. Be careful you don't have a booty bandit backlash.