29 March 05


Frankie is in love. Xena has competition. All because Mochalicious is here.

At rec Xena and Mochalicious squared off.

Mochalicious: a petite Chicana with brown eyes, purple lips, black shoulder-length hair and eyebrows sculpted with a fifteen-cent razor in the style of Jennifer Lopez as featured on page 32 of People (Feb 27,2006).

Xena: a giant with grey eyes, brunette hair tied back in a ponytail, and eyebrows fashioned like Alicia Key's (at this year’s Grammys), plucked with string, in a style recommended in the makeup tip’s section of a five year old Vogue.

Mochalicious shuffled toward Xena and grabbed Xena's chest.
“Quit grabbin’ my tits, bitch,” Xena said.
“I like grabbin’ yer tits, bitch,” said Mochalicious.
“You fish bitch. Get away from me you fish-eatin’ les.”
“You know you like it, bitch.”
“You’re cock ain’t big enough, slut.”
“If you say so, bitch.”
“Shut up, bitch,”
“ I’m gonna grab your tits again, bitch.” And Mochalicious did.
“Don’t grab my tits like that, bitch,” Xena said. “You’re worse than a man. I’m gonna hafta put a collar and leash on you, and tie you to the door. And quit droolin’ on my boobs like a Great Dane."
“Lemma see 'em, whore. I wanna grab 'em,” Mochalicious said.

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Anonymous said...

Go Frankie homeboy! Show em' whos boss! lol -SouthSider 619

Anonymous said...

Xena rocks and will always rule the yard.. all others pale in comparison... keep on being you Xena

Anonymous said...

Mochalicious - sounds like a Starbucks number. Gotta be good.