10 March 06

Ogre Romances The Giantess

“My back's killin’,”Ogre said.
“I’m told George gives good back massages,” I said.
“No!" Ogre said.
It’s alright. If you sit on a stool, his hands won’t be able to slip down to your lower regions.”
“That motherfucker wanted to take a shower with me. He offered to exfoliate my back.”
“Did you take him up on that?”
“Hell no! I told him I’d beat his ass down in the shower.”
Entering the cell, Xena said, "The worst part about gettin’ beaten down by me is that I’m a homosexual.”
“Yeah,” Ogre said, turning to me. “Imagine a six-and-a-half foot, two-hundred-and-somethin’-pound fag, beatin’ you up and takin’ your ass.”
“I only do that to people like you, Ogre. I’ll tell you what, seein’ as though you claim you’ve never took it in the ass before, I’ll go easy on you at first.” Xena, drew circles in the air with his fingers while describing in detail what he would do to Ogre.
“Stop. You’re makin' me blush,” Ogre said.
“I’m gonna hafta blog this, Ogre,” I said.
“If you make me out to be a queer on the Internet, I’ll give you a fuckin’ black eye!”

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Anonymous said...


Ogre sounds camper than a row of tents!!

i hope he isnt reading this ;) lol