12 Nov 08

From Otis

Born into and raised by the Outlaw Biker Gang, Otis is an ex car thief, forger, and crystal-meth addict. The tattoo around his neck reads: SORRY NO GOOD RUTHLESS MOTHERFUCKER.
Toward the tail end of my incarceration, we became good friends and I wrote several short stories based on his most disturbing prison experiences, including the story I recently won a prize for “Amazing Grace.”

Oct 24 2008

Dear Shaun,

Congratulations on your success with “Amazing Grace.” I’m really glad that my horrific experiences opened some doors for you. Those experiences have kept many of my physical, emotional and psychological doors closed for so long. Who would have thunk that out of all of the stories you collected mine helped.

As for me I’m using these last two months I have left to get my thoughts and emotions in check. I want my heart and head working as a team.
I gave away my idiot box and I’m focussing on studying for my Waste Water Grade#1 Exam upon release, which is 1-12-09.
And I’m enrolled in another pre-release class focussing on interview skills and techniques. I will have a team of employment specialists pointing me in an employment directly best suited for my career in waste water treatment.

I was accepted finally in the best halfway house in Tucson, Casa Santa Clara. My parole officer is Angela Wilson who works with and is in charge of paroling Casa Santa Clara. I will also be enrolling into Pima Community College as a full time student, along with working full time/part time, which Primavera Services will help open doors of employment. Then I have to sell myself as an employee. Also DKA will help with employment. My goal is wastewater treatment operator trainee for the county or private industry. But I will also look into the mining industry here in Tucson, which needs mining effluent treated.
Do any of your readers have information on mining or wastewater stuff here in Tucson? I’ll take any positive feedback and constructive criticism. I have completely no one out there to help me now that’s not still engaged in criminal activity. In order for me to make it and succeed, I’ve got to completely let that way of life go for good. Period. I have one positive contact in the free world I correspond with. That’s you. I have to start from scratch on meeting and making new friends and networking new contacts out there when I get out. Also can I use you as a reference when I get out and get a job?
This goal of mine to start fresh with a clean slate to build on is coming upon me fast. And I will hit the ground running.

Well good luck buddy. I’m really proud of you. You’re a shining example of what a successful person can do upon release if you try hard and never give up.

Talk to ya soon.

L & R


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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

Otis, it sounds like you're well focused on your release and know what you need to do.

I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

Stay away from the meth, Otis. That shit will get you killed. Good luck, my prayers are with you (even though I'm not religious) :). Let us know how you're doing when you get out.

KimberlyDi said...

Good Luck Otis. Stay away from the meth. It's bad for your teeth. :)

Suzanne said...

I don't have any info on waste water treatment, but wanted to tell Otis that I am impressed with his focus on moving on to better stuff.

One that has concerned me while reading these blogs . . . with the US economy in the shitter and lots of people unable to find a job . . . how much more difficult will it be for recently-released prisoners to find gainful employment?

I wish them all good luck and am sending good thoughts their way.

Anonymous said...

How do I contact Otis? I have information that I would like to send him about rentry into the free world as well as info on whatever I can get my hands on about the mining and wastewater stuff.

Jessica Lynn

Your on the right path Otis...keep your head strong and the idiot box wayyyy out of reach.

I guess I'll email you Jon.

Vanessa said...

Otis, you can change and from the little bit I have read on Jon's journal, it seems that you are on the right path. You are strong enough to survive life in prison and will be strong enough to live free.

Be well and happy! (And drug free, life is good!)