28 Nov 08

Question Time With A Blood (Part 4)

Bones of the South Side Posse Bloods is serving sixteen years for leading a gang, assisting a crime syndicate, kidnapping and aggravated assault.

LX wrote: I worked as a volunteer math tutor at an inner city school before and I was struck by how much stock those kids put into the hopes of becoming a professional athlete. I think it's sad and very indicative of the hopelessness and disenfranchisement of ghetto culture. They don't realize how unrealistic it is that they could become a professional athlete (the odds are overwhelmingly against any individual). They don't have many realistic role models that appeal to them and their culture.

Bones responded: It’s obvious that your work as a volunteer tutor has given you a spectator’s view of life in our communities. And I’m not sure that limited view affords you the real depth of what we are living through. Yeah, maybe my hopes of becoming a professional athlete spoke of hopelessness to you, but how do you tell a young man born in the hood not to dream as big as he can. If you believe my hood lacks role models, please accept my invitation to become one. Like one of my role models said, “From the cradle to the grave, life ain’t never been easy living in the ghetto!” – 2 Pac

Anonymous wrote: Regarding Bones: Once a sociopath, always a sociopath. Time and place don't matter.

Bones responded: Yeah, maybe you’re right, maybe I am mentally ill or just unstable. But the judge didn’t think so, because instead of sending me to a mental hospital he gave me sixteen years. But I’m trying to change somewhat.
Or maybe it’s just that I wasn’t born with a golden spoon in my mouth! Because where I grew up gangs have been around for years and it was either punk or get punked, whup ass or get your ass whupped, kill or get killed. This is the real world I live in! How about you? You probably grew up with a maid and a chauffeur.

Dirtos wrote: As for me, I'd be totally up for getting a bullet in my gut for the road and pavements and houses where I live. It's a lovely road, it lets me drive on it and park my car on it, the pavement lets me walk on it, the houses protect me from the wind and my own house keeps me warm at night because I can go in it. Big up to my hood, it's keeping it real, and has been representing for the last 300 years. Bring it on all you haters.

Bones responded: Dirtos, don’t pull my chain and be sarcastic about the gang life.

Bones wrote:

Before I leave I’d like to say a few things.
First, to those people that have never been in a gang or lived around gang life. You may think we are sociopaths and are not normal or live normal lives, but what is normal or a normal life to you? Is that someone who goes to school, gets a high school diploma and goes to college for a degree? Then gets a job as a doctor, governor or becomes a senator?
Then as time goes on we come to find out what they can’t hide anymore.
Like a doctor, who instead of saving people who are dying, kills them because of the color of their skin.
Or the mayor involved in a sex scandal with hookers or a drug smuggling ring.
Or the governor having sex in public restroom and not with his wife but with other men.
Or how about the multimillionaire businessman from a good family, well educated, with a big house, white picket fence, wife and kids, who gets busted molesting kids.
Is this what you consider a normal person?
Other peoples’ lifestyles are no different than ours, they just hide things better.
They arrested a police officer in Phoenix that had worked for the police department for 26 years, for having child pornography in his house. So he was probably molesting kids too. How would you like that officer to take your kids out in a police car? Showing them what’s right and wrong.

And let me give my opinion to anyone that claims South Side Posse Blood Gang.
Once you join a gang it’s something you join for life not for a few years. I’ve seen a lot of gang members that put in major work for their hood all of a sudden decide to get out of it after several years, just to hear that they caught two in the chest and one to the head while they were with their wife and kids.
Remember other gang members don’t forget the pain and grief you caused them when you were gang banging several years ago. Yeah, there are always consequences for your actions, so think before you act.
So if you ain’t down for taking ass whuppings and giving ass whuppings or doing prison time maybe for the rest of your life, or putting in work for your hood by making worm food out of people, then stay out of the gang!
I ain’t talking to the wannabees that were quick to get in the car and drive off when the shit hit the fan. I’m talking to you down-ass Bloods that was quick to swing and blast on fools.

I would also like to give my opinion on the way Posse members are nowadays. I hear you guys are strong but not as strong as you could be. And that’s probably because you got 7st, 35th Ave, 7th Ave, 10 st…South Side Posse groups fighting with each other. All of you need to put your differences aside and unite as one. If you guys can do that, you’ll see that other hoods will think twice before messing with that South Side Posse Blood gang like the way we sued to do it back in 1987-89. I remember that when all the homies “all small groups” used to roll to events like Cinco de Mayo, car shows, nightclubs and house parties, no one really wanted to fuck with us. And when someone did, they usually ended up getting medical attention.
Yeah, that shit was fun. A lot of people say the EME [Mexican Mafia] didn’t like us because of the drive-by shootings and yes the fact that we were mostly Mexicans claiming a black thing, Bloods. Well it is what it is and it’s a change of the times.
But my personal opinion is that the EME didn’t like us because we didn’t play by their rules, they saw us as a threat to them, and realized we were becoming so big that there was not one gang that could stop us in Phoenix.

And to all of the homies that are locked up or been locked up or going to be locked up. Yeah, it’s cool to be down for your race whether it’s the Raza, black or white in prison. But remember the hood you are from and where your loyalty is supposed to be at.

Also, to all Posse members, remember Posse is Posee no matter what your group you’re from, 35th Ave, 19th Ave, 7th Ave, 3rd Ave, 7th Street, 10th Street, 16th Street Posse etc. Because to another gang it don’t matter to them what Posse you’re from, whether it’s streets or avenues. Because if they see you flamed up, they don’t care what group you’re from, they’re going to try to take you out.
So don’t divide your strengths, increase them.

B-up to all true Red Riders. South Side Posse for life. Shouts out to Chapo, Bartman, Laz, Chris Para, Jerry Gilmet, Joey V, Robert, Jason Moore, Ramon Bernal, Michael Gabriel Robles, may all of you rest in peace. And to those who have fallen representing the hood that I don’t know, may they rest in peace. In my eyes you guys didn’t die for nothing. S.S.P 4 life Blood!

B-up Doggs


P.S. You Bloods need to stop doing major drugs and start stacking your chips and counting your bread. I know I am.

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Shaun P. Attwood

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Anonymous said...

I apologise unreservedly for any irony apparent in my previous comment.
Although how hard is it to get out of the hood? Is Gang Life the only option, and what age do you get sucked into it? To a kid that can get a full time job at 16, can he not then afford to rent a room somewhere and thus remove himself from the environment that is potentially going to get him killed or put down for 15+ years? Is crime really the only lifestyle option for those born in the 'hood'? I'd hazard a suggestion that greed at earning an easy buck dealing drugs over earning a difficult buck working a full time day in a legitimate job might play a factor here.

And by the way, Tupac is way, way, way, way over-rated.