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Shaun Attwood arrived in Phoenix, Arizona a penniless business graduate from a small industrial town in England. Within a decade, he became a stock-market millionaire. But he was leading a double life. After taking his first Ecstasy pill at a rave in Manchester as a shy student, Shaun became intoxicated by the party lifestyle that would change his fortune. Making it his personal mission to bring the English rave scene to the Arizona desert, Shaun became submerged in a criminal underworld, throwing parties for thousands of ravers, and running an Ecstasy ring in competition with the Mafia mass murderer “Sammy The Bull” Gravano.  

As greed and excess tore through his life, Shaun experienced eye-watering encounters with Mafia hit men and crystal-meth addicts, extravagant debaucheries with superstar DJ’s and glitter girls, and ingested enough drugs to kill a herd of elephants. This is his story. 
Shaun Attwood  


Regenbluemchen said...

Maybe a gift for Paul? ;) He has Birthday today... 22years old now... xxx

Shaun Attwood said...

good idea, pls email me his address, Kathi xxx

Anonymous said...

Gonna buy this ; ). "The Navigator"