Question 1: Locked-Up Abroad Raving Arizona

For the next 10 days, I'm going to post a question about the episode and my answer.

What was going through your mind as you drove to Los Angeles to pick up your first supply of 500 ecstasy pills? Did you just have the $7,500 cash payment in the car with you?

Driving to LA, not knowing what I was getting into, I was terrified of getting robbed at gunpoint, or kidnapped and held for ransom, or even shot. I thought the police might have Sol’s place under surveillance as he was a known Ecstasy supplier, and maybe follow me, pull me over, search my car and find the drugs, or track me all of the way back to Phoenix, and arrest me there. I was concerned about Sol selling me pills cut with something other than Ecstasy, which is why I insisted on testing one by chewing it. Driven by greed for fast cash, I put myself in a lot of danger. It was foolish and selfish of me not to consider the harm that drugs cause. 

In the car apart from the $7,500 cash was my best friend, Wild Man, twice my size and not lacking in fighting skills. He had instructions to smash Sol’s door down if I didn’t return in fifteen minutes. I had a Sasha and Digweed CD, Renaissance, which I listened to on the way home.

My story in Vice Magazine today with pics from my new book Party Time. 


bunnymusic60 said...

Glad you're home. I watched the show tonight because I taped it. I can't imagine living through a nightmare like that place. My days of dancing and drugging are long over because now I'm 69. But we didn't have ecstasy then and I hope they don't have it now. Thanks for your blog.

Anonymous said...

I have an off topic comment, I was in there 2005 Sean do you remember when he played "I fought the law and the law won" throughout the whole jail system? and why were you in the Maricopa County Jail the whole time why didn't you get transferred to a prison

Jon said...

Thanks, Bunny. Those who don't quit the drugging usually die young.

Jon said...

I was in the jail for 26 months, and served the rest in prison. Locked-Up Abroad chose to condense everything into jail time as that's where my activism started. It has confused some people as most jail inmates are unsentenced.