Question 4: Locked-Up Abroad Raving Arizona

For the next 7 days, I'm going to post a question about the episode and my answer.

When you decided to give up the drugs business and get back to trading stock, where did you go? Did you tell your friends or just leave town, knowing that the Mafia was after you?

After separating from Amy, I fell in love with Claudia and moved into an apartment in Scottsdale with her. She talked me into quitting the Ecstasy business. I never let anyone from the drug scene know where we lived. I enrolled in Scottsdale Community College to study Spanish. Unfortunately, my addiction to the drugs and the lifestyle was such that I still heard wolves howling for me to come out and party on the weekends, and I’d sneak off with Wild Man, getting high on GHB, which was my downfall. The evidence the police used against me was mostly calls around that time when I was dumb and desperate enough to talk about personal use on the phone. Although I’d quit dealing Ecstasy by the time the police caught up with me, I’d committed a lot of crimes over the years, so I certainly deserved to be punished. I take full responsibility for putting myself behind bars. 

Shaun Attwood

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