Making a Murderer Update 12 - German Murder Suspect's Wife's Response

This blog has been revised to the following statement from the German suspect's ex-wife:

Not his writing at all and he was also in jail at the time. Europeans learn a completely different style of handwriting that is very distinctly different. That looks like an American who wrote that. And I'm pretty sure he would know his own name.
Furthermore, nobody knew him other than me or the police and nobody would have known his nickname.
Where the hell would he get an aluminum smelter? He would not even have known the word smelter.
You may like to call him sick, but the woman he was referring to on that page is now married to him and expecting his child, so it appears it did not bother her very much.
You people will try to connect apples to oranges. He is also fully aware of what people are writing online and he said he hopes they will have as much fun when he sues them for defamation. To place someone photos on the internet and refer to them as "the murder suspect" when no law enforcement official has ever charged them or even interviewed them regarding this crime is pure defamation of character and is libelous.

It is not libel to be suspicious of something, I think you do not know the legal definition. I have never placed photos of him with his name calling him a murder suspect anywhere at any time.
I only contacted the sheriff after finding the second porno magazine in the barn doorway, which happened to be opened to a specific page with a woman that had MY middle name, with the same spelling and it was very scary because I had no idea who was doing this.
Yellow panties could me he found them somewhere, or someone else could have put them there, they could have been from the washing machine since that was also a rental in Bonduel with a washer and dryer. I do not know where they came from.
Bones could mean some animal died, someone was hunting and cleaning an animal, someone had a BBQ, again I do not know what kind of bones they were or where they came from.
He said he burned some junk or debris that was on the property. But the previous tenants also had burn barrels and burn pits that had burned items in them.
I think if you lived alone and someone was placing pornographic magazines in a doorway and the second one had your name specifically opened to that page, then you too may begin to see bones and so forth in a different light after hearing a murder had taken place nearby.
Nothing is impossible, but again, you are taking occurrences from over 10 years ago and found on a blog that should have just been deleted after finding there was no relevance to this case, but was not and trying to connect them to it today.
Laura Nirider already had this info years ago, this is not news. So people dig this out and start all kinds of rumors and contact me and had reporters calling me and this investigator calling me and yes, I found those things. Did it seem strange at the time, yes, it did. I don't know where the things came from but after actually learning the facts of the murder case, it does not implicate my ex husband. Was there anyone else on the property, it appears there was. There were the guys who worked all the farmland around it and one did introduce himself at the time, but I no longer remember his name.
I did not know anyone there and there was no reason for anyone to be placing porno magazines there specifically where I would see them and open to a page with my name on it.
Sometimes things may look a certain way they are not. After going to police and later finding out the woman had been shot in the head, I never thought it had anything to do with my ex and the problem even back then was I could not connect him in any way with that woman, he simply didn't know her. At the time I went to police, I had no idea who Avery was, who the victim was, nothing. All I knew was that a person I worked with told me I did not live too far away from where a female photographer had been murdered. i still remember the names of the magazines. They were magazines I had never seen or heard of before. They were really what you would call hardcore pornography. i had never seen my ex with those particular magazines, the only thing I had ever seen was Playboy in Germany when I first met him. Also the editions were from 2000 and 2001 but looked in good condition. He was not even in the USA at that time. People tried to convince me that somehow Manitowoc county must have secretly let him out of jail and given him those magazines to put there, but that is only someone's conspiracy theory and would mean that all police and the jail were in on the conspiracy. The deputy who came to my house called the jail while she was there and confirmed that he was there.
My problem with the sheriff's dept. was that they did not seem concerned about who was lurking around that house. My concern was if Avery and my husband are both in jail, then who is this. This is what I was asking and what I was asking Brian. Brian insisted the magazines were completely unrelated to any killer. I think differently, or so I did and I still wonder who did it. It is surely not a normal occurrence in my life and never happened to me before or after.
Maybe that happens often enough in that area for them to not have any concern. Even the first magazine, I thought not too much of it, strange, but I thought maybe kids did it. It was the second magazine that scared me because of the woman in the layout having my name and it was opened to that page, lying there. Also the dates, holidays and specifically christmas and new year's. Why on those days? I don't know. I wanted the sheriff dept. to look around, but they were not interested. I found that scary because a woman had recently been murdered and they claimed later also raped. I thought maybe they could have gotten prints or DNA from the magazines, but I never heard anything.

Well it was pretty obvious after someone on reddit somehow got my email and phone number (which is not even listed anywhere that I know of) that they already had the police report with the names on it, so the cat was already out of the bag. I have never mentioned his last name here, but people on here already knew it.

No someone found that blog post on convoluted brian. I have asked him to remove that but he refuses. That was a long time ago and it not even relevant to anything other than someone at that time was lurking around that property and placing pornographic magazines in the barn doorway.

And stop acting as if at the time my husband knew nothing about this. I even asked him abut these things myself and told him I went to the sheriff.
The way he was, he would have been capable of seriously hurting a woman, but not a complete stranger. How is he now? I do not know, have not seen him for many years. The whole problem is I didn't see him doing anything. I did not see him put the underwear in the cupboard, did not see him burn anything, etc. he said he was driving around, but I was not there, do not know where he was driving or what he was doing other than what he told me. So the bottom line was I found some things, don't know how they got there and all I had was his narrative telling me where he was and what he was doing. Yes, from all of those you could imagine a scenario, but proving it is something different. That would be a job for police or someone else in that capacity. And for all the things one can imagine match, too much does not match. He had no guns, he didn't know the woman, there is no documentation of what time he was in the area, no proof that he put any bones or underwear or pepsi cans there, no proof of who the woman was he claimed stopped there or even when. I don't even know if he was telling me the truth about where he was, etc. It's really all just hearsay.
And here's my view on it now. Cops can get a search warrant in a minute. If anything I had given to them had been connected to my husband, they would have combed the place for any other evidence and if they were framing Avery they could have told me they found nothing. I do not believe they would have taken the chance of leaving anything there for someone else to find, such as the next tenant, the owner, the farmers, the realtor, etc. etc.

I know that because he had only been back in the USA for a few months, had never been to WI before in his life, had been in WI for only 5 months as of 10/31/05 and had not yet ever lived in Manitowoc county. He had no job or any way to meet people. He did not drink and did not go to bars. He had no friends there. He could barely speak English.
So your theory is he would drive to a house we were going to move to, where he had never been before in his life and suddenly meet up with someone he didn't know and commit a murder with that person and that second killer would trust a stranger from another country to commit a murder with him?
Or a stranger would give him access to an aluminum smelter somewhere, somehow?
If he had seen anything like a murder taking place, he would have told police or called me to call police. He has no criminal history in Germany he only had a suicide attempt and in Germany suicide is not a crime. He is abusive and controlling in relationships with women, or at least he was. It appears he still is with his current wife from some of the facebook posts. But he was never known to harm total strangers or random people.
Some women obviously are not bothered by a controlling partner or they like it because they like the man to be jealous it appears. He was dangerous to others because of the method of suicide and the location he attempted suicide in Germany via igniting himself on fire.
And most importantly, when I went to police back then, I was not saying he did anything. I wanted to know what was going on. There was obviously someone else lurking around that property. The blog story has errors and some things are twisted to point it all to him. Those pepsi cans is one example. I saw them near the house entrance with a boom box. How that stuff got there or who put it there, I did not see. I threw them away. It was only much later I read or heard that murder victim had a pepsi can in the vehicle. Those items did not belong to me and were not there when we initially looked at the house.
It is noteworthy also that the previous tenant's son has a criminal history and the woman who rented it afterwards (I only rented it for 3 months) was at some point involved with Chuck Avery and is friends with many of the Avery and Dassey families. Someone also indicated that the previous tenant was a boyfriend of Karla Avery. Steven Avery's daughter also had relationships with men with criminal histories including one who committed arson. It does not say what he burned, but it must have been her property because he was supposed to pay her restitution.
What I am saying is there are several or even many men around that area who could be possibly involved in a crime of violence.

He never actually lived in the Maribel house. He was living in Bonduel and I was not moving to the house in Maribel until Nov. 4. He had started moving things to the house on Nov. 4. He said he was there driving around and said he burned junk there some time before Nov. 4. He did not have a key for the house until Nov. 4. I do not have a way to know the times he was at the house, only what he told me.
He mentioned some woman stopped and I was not really paying attention at the time, but he said something about are all people here so friendly. He said the police and courts in America are stupid, not the woman.
He saw the missing poster when we went to the restaurant across from the house on Saturday. I blamed it on his English, but he watched news and I did not ever watch news, so a plausible explanation could have been he may have already known they found the car that morning, I don't know. I asked the cashier where that was that she went missing if it was around there and she said yes. I didn't know the area at all.
I never said it was her car. He said someone had an suv of that color which I later learned sounded the same color as hers. Where he saw this for sale I cannot say. He said he saw it parked for sale. I had just bought a car, had wanted a Jeep, but could not get financed for one.
The for rent sign was placed by the realtor and he had not taken it down.
Yes, it was a month to month lease.
He was released without them notifying me as they were supposed to but it was on Jan. 11, 2006. All in the court record.
I don't know how he got there. Someone at that boarding house where he was staying perhaps or hitchhiking. I did not see how he got there or how he left.

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Anonymous said...

He is not living in Thailand. He visited Thailand. He was last living in Ratzeburg, Germany as of a month ago. He is attempting to marry the Thai woman in order to live in Thailand to get out of Germany.

Anonymous said...

Those don't look like messages written by a native speaker of either English or German. Are you certain it's not a parody account?

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the information that he lives in Germany??

Anonymous said...

The Thai woman in this post's photos appears to have multiple facebook pages, too. I searched for "Roy Tiger" and "Tiger Roy" finding her account in Thailand (same profile pic as we see in this post), and another account in Hamburg, Germany (which happens to be right next to Ratzeburg, where another anonymous poster claims Siggi Berg lives).
I don't have a facebook account, but for someone who does: I recommend capturing screenshots of his and her facebook pages and passing them to this website's author for public posting.
Also, someone pass this information to police authorities in Hamburg and Ratzeburg)

Drew said...

Whatever anyone does DO NOT CONTACT this guy directly.

He might run and no one will be able to find him.

Anonymous said...

Pull his Wisconsin Court Records. Siggi and his wife seem to have a nice little file going..

Dan Mahan said...

Tiger Roy tags the location on her Facebook posts. They create a map that locates two places, one outside Bangkok, the other Hamburg. Geesthachthe City is the most recent location of her posts. I have taken screen shots of the maps and locations.

The police report the ex wife filed, she states she gave police yellow panties. That report points to key evidence that if still existing may be tested for Halbach DNA. This could prove Avery innocent, and possibly tie an alternate suspect to the murder.

At what point does somebody notify the German police?

Anonymous said...

Dan, the ex-wife is Eva S. Berg. Currently has a warrant out for her arrest

preblawger said...

the police report and evidence should be available for investigation, regardless of the lack of cooperation due to her status as a fugitive

Anonymous said...

His Facebook profile says he lives in Geesthacht, Germany. But he is married to a thai woman since january/15.

Anonymous said...

This is the Police Departement for Geesthacht, Germany. But i'm not sure at what point we should notify?

Unknown said...

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keatonfairey said...

he has multiple facebooks... the thing that just creeped me out is the fact I found one profile (dp is a picture of the sea and a beautiful rock) and its full of links and status slating Wisconsin... find it qweird why any foreigner would hate on that state specifically so much

OB1.Benobie said...

Can I ask how recent are these comments above? Are they currently active?