Making A Murderer Update 22 - What Kratz Left Out 5: No Other Suspects

In a murder investigation, the standard procedure is to first interview the victim’s family and friends as the murderer is usually someone the victim knew. Not only did the Sheriff’s deputies not investigate the ex-boyfriend, but he was allowed to lead the search effort, which is a common strategy used by killers to camouflage their activity. Teresa’s roommate didn’t report her disappearance for four days, yet he was never investigated as a suspect. With voicemails suspiciously deleted from Teresa’s phone service after she’d gone missing, the ex-boyfriend and roommate should have been suspects. Instead, Deputies Colborn and Lenk – both part of the $36 million lawsuit brought about by Steven Avery – immediately interviewed Steven and proclaimed he was guilty. Then Fassbender and Wiegart coerced Brendan Dassey by telling him he’d be able to go home if he’d just confess to raping and killing Teresa with Steven Avery. Case closed.   

Juror 11's Recent Statemen

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