Making A Murderer Update 23 - What Kratz Left Out 4: Zero Credible DNA

Teams of police spent eight days searching the Avery property for Teresa’s DNA. Violent torture and rape produces bodily fluids that splatter everywhere. It’s impossible for amateurs to clean up that biological material, yet after eight days, all that the teams found was deer blood. If Teresa had been raped, the sheets and mattress would have been contaminated with bodily fluids – none of which were found. Kratz’s claim that Steven and Brendan used bleach to clean the scene up is ludicrous. It was based on bleach allegedly found on Brendan’s jeans. How many of us as kids bleached our jeans or how many of our parents used washing powder and bleach to clean our clothes? If they had cleaned the scene so perfectly with bleach, then there would have been no traces left of deer blood. Supposedly the crushed bullet in Avery’s home had Teresa’s DNA on it, but no blood on it, indicating that her DNA may have been planted on it by rubbing the bullet against clothes she had worn, which would have contained skin DNA. The lack of DNA evidence would have caused most rational-minded police departments to start looking elsewhere for a crime scene, but in Manitowoc, when the evidence doesn’t fit their agenda, they plant it, especially when $36 million are on the line.  

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Shaun Attwood 

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