Making A Murderer Update 24 - What Kratz Left Out 3: Teresa's Car Was Towed

In the pic, notice on the right hand side that a piece of Teresa's Rav4 below the light is missing. This could have happened if the car was towed onto the back of the Avery lot through the quarry with a tow strap, and while being towed it bumped into the back of the vehicle towing it, smashing the front headlight, knocking out the blinker light and loosening the fasteners on the wheel well cover. Whoever is towing stopped, picked up the blinker and threw it in the back and went on their way. The missing front left blinker was found in the trunk. While towing Teresa's car through the quarry (directly south of the Avery lot) the bumpy/hilly terrain wiggled the wheel well cover loose and it fell off. The plastic screws/clips break very easily in low speed front corner hits. They break loose just a fastener or two and the weight of itself pulls it down into the tire, which then rips it off.

In pic 2, note the quarry sand and wheel well cover peeled back, suggesting a tow.

The Sheriff’s Department had easy access to tow trucks as Sheriff Robert Hermann and his family own a salvage yard – Cleveland Auto Sales & Salvage – in direct competition with the Avery’s yard. Hermann’s salvage business boomed after the Avery’s name was ruined in the local community. Also, if Steven Avery was so good at getting rid of DNA, why would he leave Teresa’s car on his yard to be easily discovered by someone acting under the guidance of God? 

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Shaun Attwood 

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