Making A Murderer Update 26 - What Kratz Left Out 1: No Murder Weapon

Outside of speculation, Kratz never presented a murder weapon that could be conclusively linked to Steven Avery. The Avery’s were hunting folk, and bullets were found all over their property. Kratz presented a single crushed bullet that had no grooves on it, therefore rendering it unable to indicate which weapon had fired it. Kratz claimed the bullet had Teresa’s DNA on it, yet the bullet didn’t have any blood on it and had been contaminated by an incompetent lab technician. Kratz theorised that it had been fired by Steven Avery’s .22 without a shred of proof because the bullet was unreadable. At least one of Avery’s neighbours had a .22 rifle at home. Kratz claimed Teresa was chained to a bed, raped, tortured and had her throat slashed, yet he failed to produce any physical evidence such as marks or scratches on the bed frame. The knife that allegedly slashed Teresa’s throat was never found, nor were any handcuffs, chains or ropes with her DNA. If Teresa was shot eleven times, where were the other ten bullets? They should have fell out of her body at the burn site. Could it be that there was no murder weapon in the homes of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey because they didn’t murder Teresa? 

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Shaun Attwood 

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Jason Martin said...

People don't need a weapon for murder, they just need necessity and grudge to make it done.
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Anonymous said...

I saw an aerial video taken by NBC 26 while police were performing their search. There was no mention that the vehicle had been found. I wonder if modern technology can tell if Teresa Halbach's vehicle was on the Avery property during that aerial coverage?