Making a Murderer Update 15 - My Response To Ken Kratz and His Fake Evidence #makingamurderer

After watching Ken Kratz and Dean Strang on Fox, I made this video:

Actual debate:

What Kratz Left Out 1
What Kratz Left Out 2
What Kratz Left Out 3
What Kratz Left Out 4
What Kratz Left Out 5

Juror 11's Recent Statemen

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Ed Scarpo said...

Brendan and the DNA on the hood latch..... Brendan was making up every single thing he said to try to give the cops what they wanted. It's almost comical that they mention him, tho it's not funny he's spent years in prison.

"Tells us about the head, Brendan..."

"He.... cut her hair?"

Wow!!! New evidence, their thinking. But still not good enough....

"What else, Brendan, about her head?"

They got Brendan to say they cut her throat in the bedroom. Talk about blood spatter. There'd have been a spurting fountain of blood all over that bedroom.

And while all this killing was going on Steven Avery, who is not exactly a genius or criminal mastermind, still had time to bullshit with his fiance during two? phonecalls recorded by the jail where Avery's then-fiance was in jail for drunk driving. Oh and they chased her out of town.

Ed Scarpo said...

Oh yes the car ... they hid it with branches and left it there for days when they have a crusher, a device literally made to crush cars into a pancake RIGHT THERE in that yard. Yet instead of using a device that any murderer whose victim left a car hanging around would LOVE TO HAVE READILY available, they used some branches so the holy spirit could lead some crazy lying nutjob RIGHT TO THE CAR.... Shaun how big was that lot? And she went with one other person and was carrying a phone and a camera that no one else in the search party was given.... I literally get nauseous . .... have to stop.

Dani Kekoa said...


Dani Kekoa said...

BREAKING NEWS: Why Steven Avery deserves a new trial—by Timothy Charles Holmseth

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