Making A Murderer Update 25 - What Kratz Left Out 2: Bone Damage

Teresa’s bones were found in multiple locations, the majority of them in Steven Avery’s burn pit, some in a burn barrel by Bobby Dassey ’s house, and some in a quarry almost half a mile away. If Steven Avery was a criminal mastermind when it came to cleaning up DNA, why would he leave the majority of Teresa’s bones outside of his house? Surely, the rural land and forest around the Avery yard would have been a better way to hide the bones.

A Canadian expert testified at the trial that the bonfire outside of Steven Avery’s house was incapable of causing such heat damage to the bones. It would have required a crematorium level of heat to reduce the bones into such a highly fragmented state, including considerable damage to the long bones, pelvis and skull. A lot of people are assuming Steven Avery is guilty because bones were found outside his property, which on the surface, is rather incriminating. But Kratz isn’t talking about how Steven’s bonfire couldn’t possibly have burnt the bones to a crisp because it suggests that the bones were moved there to frame Steven. Kratz was never interested in the truth as then his theater performance in court would have fallen apart.

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Shaun Attwood 

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