Christmas in Prison in Peru (Guest Blog by Lula)

Christmas was a normal day here. Nothing special happened. The section where I live is quiet and there were no drugs, gangs or rapes.

The foreign men and women had an opportunity to cook their traditional food (at their own expense) and we were allowed to spend four hours under strict supervision with our countrymen. Amazingly, for a little while we forgot about our sorrows.

The opening speech was lovely. Thank you, director, for taking us foreigners in your heart.

I didn’t sit with my country people, but I couldn’t have had it better. I was treated like a queen by men from Russia, Lithuania, Transylvania and Poland, and ladies from Romania, Serbia, Denmark and Libya.

I did learn that Cutex Nail Varnish Remover and Sprite gives you a high and a terrible headache.

It is really hot, so it’s better to shower with cold water.

Some guards are nice. Some want to break you down emotionally. Some hurt you physically, when they get the opportunity.

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