Q5: Avoiding Drugs In Prison?

Shaun Attwood 

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Anonymous said...

I love this one. I still believe the average "lock 'em up!" Jane or Joe out there has no clue that prisons and even many county jails are awash in hard drugs.

I will point out one other nasty, insidious, hugely dangerous and disastrous hell from this practice. I don't believe pot is a gateway drug, except in prison. Talk about criminal! Now, take a guy like me, stupidly getting into meth after being clean for nearly 20 years and knowing full well where this could end. Ah, but I only went as far as the bong. I only smoked it. Uh, try that in jail. Yeah, go to the commissary and buy a glass pipe or bong. And some water.

Back to the hellish reality. You wouldn't ... oh hell, I knew I couldn't smoke the stuff. Those puffing sounds and those billows of white smoke would attract your cellie, your gang, rival gangs, and even a few detention officers and surely also a SWAT team in full regalia.

So good. No stuff for me. I sure as hell am not going to start slamming in jail. I've seen more than my share of sad cases who, once they fell into the abyss of directly injecting the stuff, fell into a spiral of doom that always led to the grave, and usually with a parade of pissing off the last people to care about you, and usually also with a one-way trip to the slammer before if the violence won't kill you, the HIV and Hep C surely will.

Fooling no one. Of course I slammed the hell out of it. I had no choice. All I had to do was to look down at the saggy black and white striped pajama bottoms I was in, with the pink boxes riding up, or just look anywhere else to see I was locked in small cell -- AGAIN -- with two other sweaty stinky men and a toilet. Of course I slammed. One little detail we forgot to tell you is that there's good chance the smack was delivered via keistergram. So no way was I going to smoke that shit. It was beyond even being academic at that point. It was beyond inevitable. Not to have done it would have made no sense.

Now, even I can poke a hole as big as Sheriff Joe's ego through my inevitability argument. I But like Shaun said, who cares about a dead prisoner? DON'T DO WHAT I DID. Listen to what Shaun says. I can't stress enough that guys like Shaun are the exception, I think. I've met very few people in life, not even to mention jail, who have the kind of strength and character to endure incarceration, get out, process what happened, and rebuild a life where you are successful and have the real kind of respect and self-respect required for all that. THAT ... IS ... FUCKING .. HARD, SO DON'T TOUCH THE DRUGS because that's exactly what Sheriff Joe wants you to do. He wants keep as many men as he can locked up so he can get them into his pink underwear and profit handsomely in a very unwholesome manner. There's some sick twisted shit going on here all across our prison-happy Lockup Raw lovin' country and the last thing you want to do is to act like some servile INMATE and slavishly follow their orders SIR!

If that isn't reason enuf to stay away from the drugs, I don't know what is.

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