Making A Murderer Update 33: New Murder Suspect: Karl McLeod #makingamurderer

In recent days, reports of another possible suspect in the Teresa Halbach murder have circulated online. Evidence photos in the above video show a for-sale sign, with Teresa’s phone number and an address on it.

The address listed on Zander Road is the location near where the body of a thirty-two-year-old woman, Areerat Chuprevich from Thailand, was discovered in 2008. She had been missing since April 2003. Authorities had found her blue 2002 Jeep Liberty in the parking lot of St. Michael’s Pub, a few blocks from the Mariner Motel where she had lived with her husband, Tom Chuprevich, a retired doctor. The coroner found her death to be a gunshot wound to the head, just like in the case of Teresa.

In this case the victim knew the alleged murderer. Karl McLeod was married to Tom Chuprevich’s stepdaughter from a previous marriage. Karl was convicted of sexual assault in 1988 and served a prison term. The police surmised that Karl was likely Areerat’s killer, though he committed suicide by hanging himself in May 2006, forty days into an incarceration for assault and robbery of a victim in Green Bay. His death occurred just over half a year after the disappearance of Teresa Halbach on Halloween 2005, so the window of opportunity was open for him to have committed Teresa's murder. 

It seems that Karl and Gilbert McLeod had lived just around the corner from where Teresa's photography studio – Pearce Photography, 1599 Western Ave – in Green Bay was located.

There has been a discussion about Karl McLeod possibly being responsible for Amber Wilde's disappearance, though her body has never been found.

If Karl killed Teresa, did the police know about it and cover it up? "Suicide" is a common way to disappear someone in the prison system. And we all know, dead men don't talk.

Another odd thing is that the German murder suspect has an affinity for Thai women. He recently married a Thai woman. More research is needed to determine if he was in the area at the time of the disappearance of Areerat Chuprevich below:

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How does this explain why Avery created that sign? It is in his handwriting and is written on the back of a sign advertising his Grand Am for sale.