Prison Survival Advice 4: Making Alliances


Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun:

Thank you for posting these. And thank you for those videos posted a couple more years back in which you were held in Maricopa County Jail. I recently completed my third waste of time there. When I first was arrested I was able to bond out of jail so I didn't get to experienced much of what lay in store. I was 50 when finally sentenced to six months. In my twenties and early thirties I ended up in county jails at least four times. Then I served six months state boot camp, fucked up after that and did almost six straight years in state prison. After all that I cleaned up my act and stayed out of trouble for almost 20 years until that night of party and play in Phoenix.

Your videos at that time really helped me to adjust my expectations. Even then, when I was taken into custody after sentencing I wasn't prepare for the relish some DOs took in degrading and humiliating me. I expected to get my head shaved in boot camp. Then the awful conditions while locked up for 23 hours a day with two other men in a small roach and rodent infested cell. I won't bore you with sad details you already know. Just wanted to say thanks you. You are a brave man. I remain anonymous for now. I'm still on probation. I just pray if there is a third violation I get over a year, catch an early chain, and end up behind the walls of state prison.

Jon said...

Thanks my friend, so glad the videos helped. Let me know when you want to share some stories.