Prison Survival Advice 5: Stand Up If Called Out


Anonymous said...

A vital message and very well said, sir. I didn't get tested my first time in, but did the second. I was still clueless but had the great fortune to have a a great cellie. He called out what I needed to do and also told me not to rely on him or anyone else for help. I'm not a big guy and definitely not the fighting type. Alas, I was not as lucky as you. I remember the guy I didn't back down making me sweat by stalling, then he struck. I can see that and feel the terror of that even today.

I tried to fight back. I tried to fight in an way that wouldn't cause the crowd that had gathered to watch laugh. I felt foolish but still fought back. Then I realized that this guy, shorter than me but well built and tough, was making a show of connecting without really hurting me. I thought we both engaged in a show that would allow us both to come out with his cred intact and mine somewhat established. At least I wanted to think that, especially later when I saw this guy beat the crap out of a . . .. ..

Finally the CO's showed up and caused much more pain in subduing and cuffing me than my challenger.

"Who started this?" they barked. No one saw anything. We were dragged off and then I got my first taste of those god-awful man cages. I knew what to do. When interrogated I said I started it. "Yeah, right." "But I did . . . . . . . . . sir."

Then got my first taste of the hole. At first -- wow! Privacy. Sort of. Then , , , me. In jail. Again. For several months. Me. In solitary. This small cell started shrinking as my problems got bigger. I can't do such a barbarous, cruel and unusual punishment justice here. Instead, I'll leave on a happy note. When I was returned to general population -- SMACK! I could tell my cred had really shot up, I was respected.

The other thing I eventually learned was that brains could help you if brawn could not.

Remaining at real risk to be yanked onto that chain again and deposited if nto madman Joe's house of horrors. Therefore, remaining anonymous,

Jon said...

thanks, for sharing that my anonymous friend

Unknown said...

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