Making A Murderer Update 31: Details of Ken Kratz' Rape Case

A few weeks ago, I posted a court document about Ken Kratz rape case. Now thanks to this source article, I've being able to make a video detailing what Kratz did:

A petition has been started to prevent Ken Kratz from practising law. If he ever ends up in prison for sex crimes, here's what he can look forward to:

Screenshot of Kratz calling me a liar for outing his rape case:

Click here to read the original documents of the Kratz sexting and rape case.

What Kratz Left Out 1
What Kratz Left Out 2
What Kratz Left Out 3
What Kratz Left Out 4
What Kratz Left Out 5

Juror 11's Recent Statemen

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Shaun Attwood 

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