Prison Survival Advice 3: What To Do In A Riot


P aom said...

Hi Shaun,

As always great video.

I have a remark tho: Both the editing and the sound is not good The backtrack techno stuff is louder than your voice so its hard to hear what you say. Also, the erratic camera movement takes the focus away from the content of the actual presentation. It feels like I'm watching a MTV video.

I get the feeling the video and / or the editor has to much power in this production. The content of the video is fantastic AND very useful for some people.

It would be great both for you, us listeners and potential inmates if this could be addressed somehow.

Take care and many thanks,


Shaun Attwood said...
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Shaun Attwood said...

Thanks p. Always appreciate the feedback. Can you post your comment to the youtube video itself?

P aom said...

Hi Shaun,

Sorry for the late reply. Will do it ASAP.

Keep up the good work brother!

Monnika Jacob said...

Thanks for sharing this.